Libra Horoscope for October 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Whenever any planet speaks to Jupiter in a friendly way, that’s headline news, and to have your ruling planet do so gives this aspect more weight and importance for you. Venus will be in Sagittarius, your travel sector, and Jupiter will be in Aquarius, your fun and love area—see if you can take a quick trip.

On October 31, Mercury and Jupiter will be in sync, and both planets will now be direct, so a stellar day should be in store for you. Mercury will be in Libra and Jupiter in Aquarius. Again, travel will be on the agenda, although you could use this lovely aspect for other purposes—shop, sign a contract (a perfect day for this), give a speech, judge a contest, hand in a manuscript or report, apply to college or set up a college interview, or sell something, such as your house.


It’s birthday month, and at long last, you have an enviable chart. The past years have not always been in favorable positions in October, but those difficult planets have mostly moved on. The key moment to watch is the new moon in Libra, October 6, which will kick off a new, fresh cycle for your birthday year.

That new moon, October 6, will be surrounded by the Sun, Mars, and Mercury, all in Libra, giving you a crown of stars in your sign (also called a stellium), which translates into you having much more control in your life. A crown of stars in one sign is also known to bestow predominance.

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