Libra Horoscope for October 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

If you’re afraid you could lose a job or a new apartment (as two examples) if you don’t snap it up during the Mercury retrograde period, then do sign or get started. The problem is you’re not likely to stay very long, but then again, you might not mind. When Mercury is retrograde, the world is in flux, and the priorities you had before the retrograde will shift, so you won’t quite see which way things are heading. The rule of thumb in astrology is: If you sign a contract during the retrograde, it will likely need to be renegotiated later, especially if you want to continue the relationship (and you may not). Still, if you are worried about losing an opportunity, sign anyway. Be sure to have a lawyer look at the paperwork, though—that is not a step you should skip during Mercury retrograde.

You might be wondering how October could possibly be the brilliant, stellar month I’m predicting for you. Let me show you the way the aspects will work for you.

The month starts with a gorgeous new moon on October 6 in Libra, 13 degrees. This gracious new moon will arrive with her partner the Sun, and Mercury and Mars will accompany them, too—that’s quite a representation in Libra, and all of it will favor you. Your ruling planet is Venus, currently in Scorpio and in fine angle to Pluto, a very powerful planet that is associated with money and growth.

Before I tell you about the glorious new moon in Libra, I want to add that this month you will have four celestial bodies in air-sign Libra (the Sun, new moon, Mars, and Mercury), two in air-sign Aquarius (Jupiter and Saturn), and one about to enter a fire sign that blends beautifully too, Venus in Sagittarius as of October 7 through November 5. That’s seven out of ten planets in compatible elements, all working to support you. Wow! Now let’s move on to the new moon, a gift to you from a loving universe.

Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, will help you in a big way on October 15, which is likely to be one of your favorite days of the month…, so if you’re single and hoping to meet someone new, this will be your day.

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