Libra Horoscope for October 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Admittedly, this will be a strenuous month for one and all of every sign. Still, difficult aspects during 180-degree oppositions and 90-degree squares help us to turn a corner. The universe gives you the tool that you need the most to deal with the challenges that it brings—fiercely high energy. This truth is worth repeating: Difficult aspects produce high energy. In contrast, easy, highly harmonious and generous trine aspects are soft, and sometimes we get lazy and don’t take full advantage of what’s being given. You need not work for the rewards they bring, and sometimes you could lack motivation to take full advantage of them. We generally gain substantially more from times of challenge .

At the end of the month, on October 27, Venus will move into Libra until November 21 for the first time this year. A bright month is coming, one that will be perfect for shopping, devoting yourself to a new look, and getting ready for romance. How sweet it will be when you can devote this time fully to yourself. Wait until Mercury goes direct on November 3 before you do any of these fun things. Mars will stop his retrograde November 13 when you will find looking forward, not backward, will be on the agenda with your partner, and plans will more easily fall into place. Better days are due, dear Libra, and I promise you that.

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