Libra Horoscope for October 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Things might get more tense at the new moon in Libra on October 16, and Mars will still be attacking the same planets, namely Saturn and Pluto. You may be frustrated by the lack of progress you are seeing in several areas of your life, but if nothing is moving forward, as odd as this may sound, welcome the delays, for in this wild month, delays will benefit you. This would not be a month to take action. Here is a big reason why:

Mercury, the planet of agreements, will be retrograde from October 13 to November 3, and as you likely already know, Mars is also retrograde until November 13. If you sign a contract, it would only have to be renegotiated later. Stay as far away from the start and finish Mercury retrograde dates as you can, for that is when Mercury will be the strongest and most troublesome. Getting to accord with your partner in love or business will take time too, so cool your jets and be patient. Delays will benefit you.

In this not so easy month, we have another full moon, October 31, on Halloween. That full moon will be in Taurus and light your eighth house of finances—namely other people’s money. What makes this full moon tense is that Uranus, the planet of unpredictability, will be conjunct the moon, a tension-producing aspect. You may need to pay someone that you didn’t know would be required of you, or money you anticipated from someone won’t be sent to you. The other person may try to shirk their responsibility and may even contest the very need to pay you. Whatever news comes up will seem to come out of left field. Try as you might to be prepared for this, chances are you won’t be able to guess the type of news you’ll receive.

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