Libra Horoscope for October 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

The problem with this full moon is that it will conjoin Uranus in Taurus, also at 9 degrees, and Uranus and the moon will both oppose the Sun in your second house of personal income, savings, and possessions. It seems a completely unexpected expense is coming. It might be a tax payment that your accountant underestimated, additional money that needs to be spent on a creative project, or an unexpected pregnancy and the doctor’s care you will need (but if this were to happen, it seems that you’d want to keep the baby). This house rules commissions as well, so your company could change the numbers you would have to meet before you get your commission, and not in a way that pleases you. A student loan may have to be paid quickly, or something else may come up.

At the same time, Mercury will have a row with Pluto and Saturn, so the news you hear (due to Mercury) will be that you’ll have to pay or incur hefty finance charges (Saturn, Pluto). At this time, Mercury will be in Libra, having slid back from Scorpio in retrograde, so it’s an expense that you seem to have been promised in the past (retrograde). I have listed some expenses to get you thinking about what it might be, but with Uranus, it is usually something you’d never have guessed.

This aspect happens once a year, and in politics, it’s called the October surprise, which this year’s comes October 31. Taurus is a money sign, so the markets might gyrate at this time. I should say, however, that October seems rife with surprises, and that is what makes this month so difficult.

I take no joy in delivering these aspects, and I promise that from November 13 onward, things will improve. I feel you should absolutely get assistance this month, for the stresses on you will be, as you see, considerable. If you are not getting along with your spouse, it’s likely because of outside pressures on you—I don’t feel there is anything wrong with your relationship. (Of course, I can’t see your entire chart from where I sit, but from what I can see, it seems strong, and any difficulties you might have now are temporary.)

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