Libra Horoscope for October 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

In another part of your chart, the entire topic of where to live and whether to move now or later may be on your mind. Alternatively, you may be thinking about how to improve your décor, and that seems to be a recurring theme and topic of discussion with your partner (if you live with a romantic partner). If that is not the question you are pondering, then discussions about family members—most likely a parent—who needs help will be up, and that could bring tension. If this is true for you, you may see progress on this matter after next year’s first new moon, January 12.

It seems that you and your partner, or you and your roommate, are not on the same page about how and where you’d ideally like to live. As you wait for January when your best opportunity to settle these topics will arise, keep searching for new ways that you and your partner can agree on your future living conditions or care for a certain relative.

At this full moon October 1, plus four days, there is something else interesting going on. Venus, still in Leo for a day at the start of the month (before heading to Virgo), has been quietly watching what’s going on with the full moon and the ruckus Mars will be causing in your committed partnership. Venus will always intervene when she feels she can create peace and harmony. On the same day as the full moon, she will contact her lover Mars in an effort to reason with him and gently remind him of their love and what is important in life. Venus will ask Mars not to be so gruff in her effort to lower his anger to manageable levels.

You will have one exceptional aspect this month, one that’s quite divine, and it comes from Neptune in communication with Jupiter on October 12. Neptune is currently touring your sixth house of creativity, and Jupiter is in your home sector. If you are designing a new décor for your home, you will now have an a chance to create beauty. The same is true if you are working on someone else’s home.

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