Libra Horoscope for November 2023

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Your Horoscope for Libra

Do not make agreements or sign papers for any financial deals in November if you can avoid doing so. The atmosphere is highly volatile—late November or early December will be a better time to take action on key projects or plans.

For at least 10 days following November 13, the air will be filled with cosmic dust, and it will be nearly impossible to see the road ahead. You will need to judge the risk-reward ratio of any financial decision, but mid-month will not yield reliable projections. Mars’ position in Scorpio (October 11 to November 24) can bring high expenses to you. Although determined to increase your income, in mid-November you will have to go slowly and carefully. Dealing intensely with financials can be exhausting, for there are plenty of details to go over, all quite necessary.

You will get a chance to take a break and leave town within plus or minus five days of the full moon, November 27. You might even take a close female friend or family member with you. You seem to want to get some exercise, so look for a resort or place nearby that would allow you to enjoy your favorite sports. By doing so you will work off any tensions you experienced earlier.

At this full moon in Gemini, 5 degrees, Mars will be conjunct the Sun, giving you over-the-top energy, and Mars in Sagittarius will oppose the full moon, suggesting the person traveling with you might be a bit critical or too blunt about you in their comments to you. Even so, you seem so glad to get away that you will let those comments roll off your little feathers. Breathe in the fresh air, dear Libra. December will bring happy festivities.

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