Libra Horoscope for November 2022

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Your Horoscope for Libra

Lately you’ve been very focused on money. There was a new moon solar eclipse on October 25 in Scorpio, 2 degrees, and it may have motivated you to find a new job or, if you’re self-employed, another client to boost your income.

This month we have that eclipse’s twin—a full moon lunar eclipse will arrive November 8 in Taurus, 16 degrees. What makes this eclipse so jarring is that Uranus, the planet that is considered the most volatile and unpredictable, will be tightly conjunct this total eclipse of the moon—Uranus will be in Taurus at 17 degrees. Uranus and the lunar eclipse will oppose the Sun in Scorpio, 17 degrees, and the Sun will come accompanied by Venus, your ruler, and Mercury.

In the middle will be Saturn in Aquarius at 18 degrees, forming a 90-degree square (indicating obstacles, tension, and roadblocks). Saturn will be in the middle—imagine a seesaw—where Saturn will be at the fulcrum, applying equal pressure to the Sun, Venus, and Mercury in Scorpio, and at the same time, the full moon eclipse, as well as Uranus, are in Taurus. All three signs—Scorpio, Taurus, and Aquarius—are fixed signs that tend not to want to negotiate. They are determined and intransigent, so finding a way to unlock a situation that comes up will be challenging. I am concerned that Venus is included in this mix, since Venus is your ruling planet and is in Scorpio, as is Mercury.

With Uranus, you will never be able to guess what might come up because its very nature is to be completely unpredictable and jarring. Be careful to keep checking your bank account, and set up alerts when a check is written or when a charge appears on your credit card. You could encounter identity theft, have a large, unexpected expense, or lose something you love. (In the latter case, keep everything valuable or sentimental that you treasure home in November.) Alternatively, it is possible you will have a large payment due. You might owe on a loan, for taxes, or a mortgage, or a sizable repair bill will show up.

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