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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

The new moon of November 4 is a tough one for everyone, for it will bring a wild new moon bent on playing havoc with each of us. For you, the focus will be on financial matters. You need to brace for a large expense you are not expecting that could come out of thin air within ten days of the appearance of the new moon. The new moon is due November 4 in Scorpio, 13 degrees, lighting your second house of earned income.

Normally, a new moon in the second house, as you have, would bring a chance to make more money, but Uranus, on a rampage, will spoil the pudding this month. Some sort of reverse news or financial setback may come up and will challenge your resourcefulness and ability to think quickly on your feet.

If you don’t have an expense, be careful—you could have a loss, so keep track of your belongings, such as your smart phone, tablet, computer, sunglasses, eyeglasses, and other expensive things. We tend to lose things when we are distracted or do too much at once.

Check your credit card and bank statements for errors or for unauthorized charges or withdrawals that you know nothing about. If you have your own business, you may realize your bookkeeper has been writing herself large checks. If you are in a divorce, make sure all financials are being reported on the other side—there could be hidden assets that your lawyer will need to uncover. That’s always disillusioning, but it does happen. There are many possible examples of how you could be cheated, but if you catch the transgression quickly, you may be able to get your money back. Don’t take my examples literally—what happens to you may be very different, and probably will be, for Uranus always brings what you’d not ever expect and never could have imagined happening.

You get the point—you might be scrambling to find more money to make up for the sudden shortfall of cash this month. The money I am addressing is money you have in your possession that someone else wants, or it will be about money promised to you that will no be forthcoming.

The reason is the new moon and Sun, based in your second house of earned income and possessions, will be confronted harshly by Uranus, 180 degrees away and aiming his cannons at the Sun and new moon. Uranus is the planet of surprise, but it won’t be a surprise you’ll like, nor will you see this coming. It could come as a shock.

To add fuel to the fire is Saturn in Aquarius, which will be in harsh square with a 90-degree angle separating Saturn and the new moon and Sun in Scorpio, and in the other direction separating Saturn in Aquarius from Uranus in Taurus. Imagine a seesaw with Saturn in the middle, the Sun and moon on one end, and Uranus on the other end of the seesaw. With Saturn at the fulcrum, he will control a lot of what happens. This will add quite a bit of tension, for Saturn will remind you of your financial responsibilities and promises.

My mother, who taught me astrology and the philosophy behind it, always said that astrology reveals the condition of the situation, but not the outcome—the final outcome is always up to you.

This could relate to a personal or business income tax matter, a property tax matter, or to a court settlement that you agreed to pay, such as back child support or money to a certain person when a verdict went against you. Nevertheless, it appears the new moon of November 4 will more likely relate to your home—to back rent due or a mortgage payment, or because you are moving (and seeing expenses rise quickly). I think the financials could relate to your home because Saturn rules your home and family. Alternatively, if a family member is in dire need of money, that may explain the surprise need (to come up with cash) to help that beloved relative.

A new moon can set up a trend that can last up to six months, so whatever comes up may take time for you to find a workable solution. If you owe money but don’t have it, you will make a payment plan with the person, company, or entity you owe. Be communicative. Show that you are not ignoring that person or party. On the other hand, if that person owes you a large amount (possible) but is not paying you, then you have to have a talk or send reminder statements. If the person has ignored you for a long time, you may now have to go to small claims court, or if the sum is large, bring a court case.

Pluto is taking the lead at this new moon but will be in conflict with Mercury, suggesting this matter was hidden or that you never understood the meaning of something. Still, Neptune has been in a long friendly relationship with Pluto, and since Neptune is in your work-a-day sector, you may be able to get a part-time job to pay off this bill (if this is how things work out), or if you are artistic and self-employed, a lucrative and creative assignment could come up that helps you in the nick of time.

Now let’s look at the full moon, November 19 in Taurus, falling in your eighth house of other people’s money. Again, this is a financial part of your chart, but instead of ruling your salary or savings like the second house, which was activated by the November 4 new moon, this other house rules commissions, royalties, bonuses, insurance coverage and payouts, taxes, credit cards, bank loans, mortgages, venture capital, and similar type funds.

At the November 19 full moon lunar eclipse, things are coming to a conclusion or culmination. Uranus, planet of unanticipated events, won’t be angry at the Sun and moon any more, but now will be taunting Mars with a direct 180-degree opposition, so tension will be heightened—this aspect is capable of great explosive energy and anger. Be careful with the words you choose and the inflection in your voice when you deliver a comment—you will need to avoid inflaming this situation.

If you are trying to get money from someone—let’s say you are in the process of a divorce and attempting to negotiate the fair division of property—this full moon lunar eclipse could turn out to be difficult. Let your lawyer do the talking.

Let’s look at Mars a bit more closely for a minute. Mars entered your sector of earned income (second house) on October 30, to leave December 13. Mars in this part of your chart will almost always heighten spending.

This is the first time in two years that you’ve hosted Mars in this area for six weeks (the typical visit of Mars). Mars rules your marriage or a business partner in Libra’s solar chart, so your partner may be causing the money to flow out of your bank account, say, because your spouse is starting a business, needs to pay back taxes, or is otherwise in a financial jam.

Your business partner, outside expert, or collaborator may be the one causing this outflow of cash—she or he may have convinced you to spend for a high level of advertising or invest in equipment, as just two examples to get you thinking. The point is, it appears the outgo happens because of money your business partner or spouse needs from you—or has convinced you that you must do.

Fortunately, Venus, Libra’s ruler and also the ruler of this full moon in Taurus, will take the lead. Venus will be in excellent angle to Uranus in Taurus and to Mars in Scorpio. This means Venus will be acting as a negotiator to ease the tension. Venus is in your family sector, so your mother or father may be able to help you if you need money to fix the problem.

At this eclipse, either you will finally get paid from someone who owes you, or conversely, if the episode of November requires you pay someone, you will write the check for all of what you owe, or at least work out a payment plan together.

I should mention that the eighth house as the house of transformation (where this eclipse will occur in your chart), rules not only other people’s money but also surgery. It’s possible you might decide to finally go in and have a certain procedure done that you’ve put off. In a month rife with smoke and mirrors, call your health insurance company to make sure they will cover this procedure. Also, Mars rules the sharp implements that a surgeon would use, and with Mars opposed to Uranus, you might want to schedule your surgery in December when the planets will be calmer.

If your doctor says do it now or never, do it now. We can’t control everything in life, and we have to be practical, and take in information from experts like your doctor.

My mother, who taught me astrology and the philosophy behind it, always said that astrology reveals the condition of the situation, but not the outcome—the final outcome is always up to you.


You may be nearly obsessed with paying off bills, possibly because a set of new expenses that show up unexpectedly will surface shortly after the appearances of the new moon in Scorpio, November 4. Surprise-a-minute Uranus will confront the Sun and new moon in a powerful opposition, adding to the overall atmosphere of tension. Financial news Uranus brings this month won’t be welcome. Everyone of every sign will be feeling tension in the air, so it might be wise to keep this in mind, for you will likely find that the people you interact with will be feeling fragile. Be kind and gentle, and hold all criticism that you might want to say to any person for now.

Three heavenly bodies in Scorpio, filling your second house of earned income—the Sun, new moon, and Mars—will receive shimmering vibrations from Neptune in your sixth house of work projects. It is very possible that if you are self-employed, your creativity will be why you win new business or a side project you can do to provide you with additional money you need to pay the expense.

It is alternatively possible that another person owes you, and that you depended on the income—and it won’t be coming, not now, maybe never. That kind of news could be a terrible blow, and you’ll have to figure out what to do as a result.

The universe will continue the financial drumbeat most of the month, again noticeably at the full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus on November 19. This eclipse may mark the end of one source of income. If so, don’t worry—soon there will be the start of another source.

You may now hear that you have been approved for a bank loan or mortgage, or will finalize the division of property negotiation. Often a lunar eclipse will mark emotional moments in your timeline, but stay calm. Neptune’s position and fine attitude toward your salary sector underscores how well respected you are at the office for your unique approach to problem-solving and how well you work with others. Anything you might “lose” at eclipse time can be reversed and triumphed over if you play your cards right and look for new sources quickly.

The joy you experience in life as a Libra usually comes through your lively social life and by being with your children.

If looking for love, Libra, of all the signs, still has the best possibilities for finding their north star—the one for you. Jupiter, the giver of good fortune, is posited in your fifth house of love, children, fun, leisure, and creative expression. Jupiter will remain in this area of your chart until December 28, next month, before moving on. You’ve had Jupiter in your fifth house almost all year, but if you’ve not yet found love, you have November and December to devote to this purpose.

Fortunately, December is a happy time of the year—you and others will be more relaxed, open and happy—and socializing becomes easier. Keep up a good spirit. Cupid knows you want love and will help you find the love you want, and it will be the most enduring and heartfelt kind. You will have to do your part, though, by being open and welcoming to others. You may think you know precisely the type of the partner you want to meet, but love is surprising and often delightfully unpredictable—you may be amazed at the person you fall for in coming weeks. Enjoy the process.

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