Libra Horoscope for November 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

My mother, who taught me astrology and the philosophy behind it, always said that astrology reveals the condition of the situation, but not the outcome—the final outcome is always up to you.


You may be nearly obsessed with paying off bills, possibly because a set of new expenses that show up unexpectedly will surface shortly after the appearances of the new moon in Scorpio, November 4. Surprise-a-minute Uranus will confront the Sun and new moon in a powerful opposition, adding to the overall atmosphere of tension. Financial news Uranus brings this month won’t be welcome. Everyone of every sign will be feeling tension in the air, so it might be wise to keep this in mind, for you will likely find that the people you interact with will be feeling fragile. Be kind and gentle, and hold all criticism that you might want to say to any person for now.

Three heavenly bodies in Scorpio, filling your second house of earned income—the Sun, new moon, and Mars—will receive shimmering vibrations from Neptune in your sixth house of work projects. It is very possible that if you are self-employed, your creativity will be why you win new business or a side project you can do to provide you with additional money you need to pay the expense.

It is alternatively possible that another person owes you, and that you depended on the income—and it won’t be coming, not now, maybe never. That kind of news could be a terrible blow, and you’ll have to figure out what to do as a result.

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