Libra Horoscope for November 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Your business partner, outside expert, or collaborator may be the one causing this outflow of cash—she or he may have convinced you to spend for a high level of advertising or invest in equipment, as just two examples to get you thinking. The point is, it appears the outgo happens because of money your business partner or spouse needs from you—or has convinced you that you must do.

Fortunately, Venus, Libra’s ruler and also the ruler of this full moon in Taurus, will take the lead. Venus will be in excellent angle to Uranus in Taurus and to Mars in Scorpio. This means Venus will be acting as a negotiator to ease the tension. Venus is in your family sector, so your mother or father may be able to help you if you need money to fix the problem.

At this eclipse, either you will finally get paid from someone who owes you, or conversely, if the episode of November requires you pay someone, you will write the check for all of what you owe, or at least work out a payment plan together.

I should mention that the eighth house as the house of transformation (where this eclipse will occur in your chart), rules not only other people’s money but also surgery. It’s possible you might decide to finally go in and have a certain procedure done that you’ve put off. In a month rife with smoke and mirrors, call your health insurance company to make sure they will cover this procedure. Also, Mars rules the sharp implements that a surgeon would use, and with Mars opposed to Uranus, you might want to schedule your surgery in December when the planets will be calmer.

If your doctor says do it now or never, do it now. We can’t control everything in life, and we have to be practical, and take in information from experts like your doctor.

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