Libra Horoscope for November 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

In your private life, if you have been looking for a new place to live, this new moon will also be in a position to help you find a beautiful, sunny, spacious new apartment or house that may cost a little more than you had hoped, but the value would be considerable, so you might want to take it. If you need help for the down payment or deposit to secure this home, it looks like a family member may help you by giving you some cash so you can move forward. If you would rather decorate or make repairs, that, too, would be possible.

A full moon lunar eclipse will occur November 30 in Gemini, 9 degrees, that will bring a conclusion to one of several areas that are ruled by the ninth house: the media—a publishing or broadcasting project, or one centered in the digital world—or a matter involving academia, a business relationship with someone overseas, or one involved with the courts or a legal matter.

Distant travel might beckon because this eclipse could make you want to travel, but be careful as big COVID surges are due in November and won’t calm down until late December.

On a lunar full moon eclipse, something ends and something else begins, so November 30 will be an important moment and might be linked to discussions or actions you took at the previous eclipse in this series, June 5. Events that happen on eclipses are important and worth noting, for they point to your future path.

Most of the month, Venus in Libra (which started October 27 and continues to November 21) is the right time to choose new clothes and makeup for the coming holiday season. Your charms will be very visible, and others will be drawn to you in love and business. You could charm the birds from the trees this month, just by smiling.

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