Libra Horoscope for November 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Financial news in the first days of November might catch you off balance, for it may surprise or even shock you. Before responding, you may want to think about the best way to handle what comes up. If news is outstandingly positive (and it could be), you may not want to tell too many people because so many others are suffering financially as a result of the pandemic, and it may be too painful for them to be happy for you.

These first days of November would not be the time to make a final settlement or agreement of any sort. Mercury will turn direct on November 3, which is good news, but you would be wise to leave a space of days before you start signing important papers. In fact, this month will have several up and down moments, so it might be best to wait until December (if possible) to give your final answer—December will be a good month on many levels.

If the full moon at the start of November makes you jittery about money, the new moon of November 14 will calm you by bringing you opportunities to find ways to earn more money. It will bring news of a job you would like, such as a side job you can do on weekends or, if self-employed, uncover a chance to bring in a lucrative new client. You will need to do your part by seeking out opportunity, but if you search and promote your business and your talents, the new moon of November 14 and the days that follow will help you find those opportunities.

Start to search for a pipeline of cash by telling friends, family, and former co-workers that you are open to investigating a new position, side jobs, or if self-employed, new clients. Start to advertise your business or do other self-promotion at the end of November or December.

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