Libra Horoscope for May 2023

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MAY 2023

Dear Reader,

I have some fun news at the bottom of this letter, so please do read to the end. It has to do with something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, and it’s happening this month.

First, however, I need to address this month’s difficult full moon eclipse in Scorpio on May 5 at 15 degrees. I go into detail in your individual report about which area of your life might be affected. Not everyone notices each eclipse that comes by within a particular series (such as the Taurus-Scorpio series that we are feeling now). Whether you will feel it or not depends on the degree of the eclipse—it all comes down to mathematics.

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Your May Horoscope for Libra

Money has been on your mind, or more precisely, the need to bring in more cash to support your lifestyle. Worldwide inflation has played a large part in your frustration along with wage freezes and massive layoffs, so with companies tightening their belts, it has become hard to find a new job. You may also feel an urgency to make more money to care for others in your family. No matter why you’re focused on financials, your timing is good. You might initially doubt me as you enter the month—we have a tough eclipse on May 5—but you will see your financial luck improve in a big way as you get later into May.

The full moon lunar eclipse on May 5 in Scorpio, 15 degrees, will not be anyone’s favorite. Everyone of every sign will feel this eclipse to a certain extent, but each sign will be affected in different ways. The May 5 eclipse will fall in your second house of personal earned income and savings, and it appears there will be no way to avoid paying the piper the amount you owe. Full moons bring things to conclusion. This eclipse is tied in theme to the last lunar eclipse that appeared on November 8, 2022, which was also quite a handful.

Should it turn out that you feel your checking account is currently being vacuum cleaned of almost all your money, keep your spirits up—continue reading, and I will show you why. You have fabulous news coming later this month about your financial status that is remarkable. I have a lot to unpack for you here. The explanation and forecast of what I have for you should speak directly to what is on your mind as you enter May.

There is a reason this eclipse on May 5 will be tension producing. Rebellious, chaotic, and unpredictable Uranus will be tightly conjunct the Sun in Taurus, and both will oppose the tender moon in Scorpio. The full moon lunar eclipse will be IN your financial second house, but as a Libra, the moon rules your prestigious career tenth house, so there may be changes at the office—all that happens this month as a result of the May 5 eclipse regarding your money or career will be unexpected. You may say things come out of left field, with no warning. (Everyone of every sign is in the same boat, dear Libra.)

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