Libra Horoscope for May 2022

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MAY 2022

Dear Reader,

This is a big month! Two eclipses are due, the one April 30 was a new moon solar eclipse in Taurus, and it will affect you for six months or more. The second eclipse will be a total eclipse of the moon (lunar full moon eclipse) in Scorpio, and it will affect you near the time it will occur because full moons tend to deliver news quickly and bring conclusions or endings—something ends and something else begins. Two weeks later, a sweet new moon (not an eclipse) in Gemini will appear on May 30. That is not half of what’s happening in May!

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Your May Horoscope for Libra

As May begins, you seem to be thinking quite a bit about money, due to the appearance of the solar eclipse that occurred one day before the start of May on April 30. This new moon solar eclipse appeared in Taurus, 10 degrees. That eclipse was orbiting tightly with Uranus, called the Great Awakener, for it is the planet known for unexpected, sudden news.

With Uranus, you can never tell in advance which way things will go. You could have a man drop an attaché case filled with thousands of dollars at your doorstep, or you could have an expense that rattles you. Uranus tends to work in the extremes, so while you wouldn’t have to prepare to deal with a major windfall of cash (if that’s the way things work out), if the opposite happens and you have a big expense you didn’t see coming, that might shake you up. Therefore, I raise the possibility, but as said, things could go either way.

This eclipse appeared in your eighth house of other people’s money, ruling such things as mortgage payments, loans, taxes, credit card statements, and the like. While you could get a letter in the mail saying you owe money, things may work out in different ways. It could be that someone who promised to send you money does not, such as a venture capitalist who agreed to send you the much-needed wire in early May, but now says he had to pay a lot of taxes and must re-evaluate. Or, if you expect child support, your former mate may say he lost his job and cannot afford to send you what he owes. A roommate who shares your space and helps to pay the rent may move out and not pay her share before leaving. There are many possibilities.

You do have help from Mars, currently circulating in your sixth house of work projects, so if you work for yourself, you may get a big assignment that allows you to bridge the shortfall of cash. Mars is the natural ruler of your partnership sector, so your mate, business partner, or collaborator may come up with a good idea to bring in money when you need it most.

The very best help you get will likely come from gentle Venus, your ruler, which is also the planet that rules Taurus. (There are only eight planets, so some signs share their planetary rulers.) The solar eclipse of April 30 was in Taurus, giving Venus special prominence. Amazingly, Venus is found precisely conjunct to Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck. Both planets are in your sixth house of work projects, so I am seeing that your rescue will likely come from a work project.

A solar eclipse is usually a happy time, for it opens new opportunities—in your case, to make money. While you may have a jarring event at the time, I feel the outcome will be positive. You may get a side job that more than covers the cost of any expenses that come up with money to spare. Jupiter is a generous, expansive planet that I think of like Santa Claus, so having Venus orbiting with her friend Jupiter on the April 30 eclipse is wildly positive. The days, weeks, and months that follow should work in your favor.

The next one (eclipses always come in pairs) will arrive on May 15/16 as a total eclipse of the moon in Scorpio, 25 degrees, which will also be a supermoon—appearing very close to the Earth and therefore will be seen as larger than normal. It will light your second house of personal income. Again, Uranus might act up, but this time his orbit is not tight (like at the start of the month) but rather wide—10 degrees from an opposition to the lunar eclipse in Scorpio and 180 degrees across the sky from the Sun in Taurus. I usually allow an 8-degree orb for normal full and new moons as the area of significance, but for eclipses, I allow 10 degrees. As you see, Uranus is right on the border of significance to the total eclipse of the full moon. I am not sure if you will feel this or not. I hope not—you will have already had a surprise about money at the start of May.

After May 10, you will become the most favored sign for marriage. If you’re dating seriously, you could easily become engaged or wed—and it would be the best time in over a decade to do so.

The May 15 eclipse is a full moon, which suggests that a financial matter will reach a conclusion within a week from the eclipse. Eclipses can be felt a month to a day earlier, so you may have already seen a major monetary matter reach an end. Money could change hands, or at the very least, you may reach an agreement. You might purchase something expensive that you’ve always wanted, or you may simply settle a financial obligation you had agreed to earlier.

There are clues to what might come up. Saturn will be at a hard angle to the Sun and new moon in a square, 90-degree position (suggesting an obstacle), and Saturn is currently transiting your fifth house of love, creativity, and children. I am imagining that the cost of childcare may be weighing on you, or if you are in the process of a divorce, you may feel that the settlement does not provide enough child support money to care for your children in the way you had been previously.

This same house rules true love, so alternatively, if you are dating, resist a request for a loan that your sweetheart might ask of you. Money seems a little tight for you this month, and adding a loan into the mix when a close sweetheart asks could prove sticky later. You may not have that loan repaid as quickly as you had assumed. Money and love just do not mix at this eclipse.

Alternatively, the cost of a creative project may be mounting, and your sponsor may not want to cover those cost overages. That happens sometimes, and my experience with creative projects when I was an agent for top commercial photographers, is that the photographer would cover the overage if he felt the project deserved the extra expense to make it better. The photographer’s name was going on the project, so while it’s not fair for the artist to have to cover the cost, occasionally it happens, and the photographer gladly pays (if the cost is within reason, something the photographer would decide before incurring the costs and talking it over with the client). If you anticipate overruns, keep communicating with your client—that’s vital.

There are advantages to this full moon lunar eclipse on May 15 in connection with both Mars and Pluto. These two planets are taking the lead. Miraculously, Mars will have moved deep into Pisces and will be at an ideal angle to both the Sun in Taurus and the full moon in Scorpio. Mars will still be in your sixth house, so again, that points to your work, with plenty to do and steady, reliable profitability. If you have your own business, it seems to be thriving.

Pluto will also be in a gorgeous position to the Sun and full moon from his position in your house of home and family. You may sell property that brings you a profit or possibly get money from one of your parents.

Mercury will be retrograde from May 10 to June 3, so if you are buying or selling property, be careful. Things tend to go haywire during Mercury retrograde periods, and it is not advisable to close on a house or sign any binding paperwork. Usually, if you sign with Mercury retrograde, the contract would have to be renegotiated later, or worse, you may feel buyer’s remorse (or seller’s remorse). I know you will experience much emphasis on money in May, so if you feel you will lose an opportunity if you don’t sign quickly, you may have to give in and do so. Be sure to show the contract to your lawyer—this would be critical. If you sign with Mercury retrograde, I am not sure that situation would be a long-term one, however, because things could go into flux later.

Similarly, do not buy electronic items, including an automobile or kitchen appliance, TV, headphones, air conditioner, computer, or smartphone, as some examples, while Mercury is retrograde. You won’t derive the pleasure from the item that you anticipate if you buy during the retrograde, so hold off until June.

Mercury goes retrograde on May 10, but you started to feel the increasingly slower pace of things and mix-ups in communication, starting in the last week of April. We always feel Mercury’s approach to retrograde well in advance. Once you get a little bit beyond June 3, you’ll be home free.

You will have one day that is quite good, a week before Mercury goes retrograde: May 3, when Jupiter and Pluto will be in close communication—your outstanding financial luck will involve your home, other property, family, or money made from your work.

You have a lot of emphasis on work and money, but also on health and possible surgery. The first eclipse of April 30 emphasized your eighth house, as will the May 15 eclipse, for that is where the Sun and Uranus are currently based. The eighth house not only rules other people’s money (such as your health insurance that will hopefully cover any possible surgery) but also surgery.

The emphasis on your solar sixth house puts an accent on the preventative measures you take to stay healthy. If you need a procedure or surgery, go ahead—follow your doctor’s instructions. We go to the repair shops quite a bit while Mercury is retrograde, similarly, I say we must go back to what I call “the doll hospital” for little tweaks to parts of us that need to be fixed. You will have Jupiter in your sixth house of health until May 10 and then again from October 27 to December 20, 2022, so early this month would be a good time to attend to medical matters.

Another monumental planetary activity is happening this month, and that has to do with the impending move of good-fortune planet Jupiter to Aries, your seventh house of marriage and business partnerships. This makes Libra the most blessed sign of the zodiac to get married from May 10 to October 27, and then again from December 20, 2022, to May 16, 2023. If you are already married, you will see that your mate prospers and becomes very optimistic, and you will benefit, too. It seems you may take an exciting vacation together during one or both of the periods noted, perhaps to an island or nation that requires your passport. Jupiter always brings a touch of luxury too, so the accommodations you choose will likely be quite beautiful.

Not only are you under wonderful marriage aspects, but you are also going to benefit from business partnerships and associations, now and in the months ahead. This seventh house is contractual, so you would likely have a contract at its foundation to clarify the responsibilities of all involved and the way that profits would be distributed.

What makes May special is that action planet Mars will also be in this same area of your chart, your marriage and partnership house, traveling close to benefic Jupiter. This is great—you will be very focused on the news your spouse or business partner will be bringing you. You seem motivated and eager to work, and you seem to be in step with your partner.

Put a star on your calendar on May 29 when Mars and Jupiter will make an exact conjunction. This will be a Sunday and would be an ideal day to get engaged or wed. Mars will bring you energy and a can-do spirit, and Jupiter will bring the potential for great prosperity. This aspect happens every two years on just one day, and it always happens in a different sign. The last time this happened in recent memory—Jupiter conjunct Mars in Aries—was June 16, 1975, and May 11, 2011—plus now on May 29, 2022. The next time this will happen again in Aries, your marriage/partnership sector, will be April 12, 2058.

The fact that this is happening now shows how rare and special this alignment is for you and all signs, each in different ways. See if you can form a new partnership on May 29 or the days leading up to this day—May 25, May 26, May 27, or May 28—as the aspect builds toward the conjunction. I particularly like Friday, May 27, when the transiting moon will be in Aries, and Venus will align with the moon. I am splitting hairs here—all these days are truly glorious. This conjunction of Jupiter and Mars brings the promise of profits and prosperity.

Now let’s turn to the new moon in Gemini, 9 degrees, arriving May 30 in the highly compatible sign of Gemini. (Yes, this month has even more good news to report!) This new moon will bring your attention to your ninth house of long-distance travel, international relationships, citizenship, higher learning, and the courts and legal matters. One or more of these areas will light up for you at month’s end. (This new moon is not an eclipse—by this time of the month, they’ll be over, although you may be dealing with the aftermath of their news for weeks.) This new moon is friendly to Libra and will bring opportunities to travel, which may sound mighty appealing after a month of being at your calculator, managing money.

Jupiter in Aries will be in ideal communication with this new moon, so you may be going on a trip with your partner. When Jupiter is involved, lovely accommodations usually result. Gemini is the sign of “two” (twins), so you may take two trips, not one. You may cover two cities on one trip, by flying to one city first and then going on to the next one before going home. It is always possible that you would take two very separate trips.

Romantically, this month you have lots to do and not much room for love—not unless you are attached! In that case, you will start to enjoy much more closeness. What about those who are single? Venus will enter Gemini, a highly compatible place for this loving planet to be, from June 22 to July 17, 2022. On June 28, Venus and Jupiter will be in perfect alignment, a perfect time to take a short trip to a nearby resort that attracts singles like you. That’s your best period for meeting someone new.

If the trip you take this month is for business (not likely, but if this should happen), then you would likely travel with a collaborator so that both of you can see and pitch your client with ideas.

You will love getting a change of scenery, especially after such a strong emphasis on money management earlier in the month. See if you can go somewhere by car, for being in a new location will rejuvenate you and make you feel ready to take on June.


Money is on your mind as you enter May, due to the new moon solar eclipse of April 30. That new moon appeared in Taurus and lit your house of other people’s money. Finances will dominate your thinking during the first part of May. The house where this eclipse fell rules taxes, so you could be focused on finishing your return and sending money to the government. If you are lucky, a refund will be due, but alas, that does not look like the way things will play out. The new moon will be quite close to Uranus, so any news that comes up will be unexpected.

Before you begin to worry about the amount you owe others, with other bills coming due too, know that the new moon will be friendly to a gaggle of planets in Pisces, your sixth house of work-a-day projects. Those planets are Venus, Neptune, Jupiter, and Mars. This says you will enjoy your work and that your creative, out-of-the-box thinking will likely be in high demand. Money will flow in during the first half of the month, just when you need it most. Good-fortune Jupiter will be orbiting close to Venus (the ruler of Taurus, the sign of the eclipse, and Venus is your ruler too, Libra). This bodes so well for financial news due to you now and in the coming six months as well.

The full moon lunar eclipse of May 15/16 in Scorpio will bring an end to financial talks and activities. You will be ready to pay bills and make important financial decisions. Again, you will be in luck, for the ruler of Scorpio is Pluto, beautifully oriented to the Sun and full moon lunar eclipse. It appears you may be making an important financial decision. If you need a mortgage, home improvement loan, or need to borrow (or be given) money from family, it appears your needs will be met.

Aside from all the financial discussions you will have, something else is happening this month that is quite exciting. Once Jupiter enters Aries on May 10, to stay until October 27 (and then return on December 20, 2022, for several more months), you will become the most favored sign for marriage. If you’re dating seriously, you could easily become engaged or wed—and it would be the best time in over a decade to do so. If you are already married, your mate will do exceedingly well, and you both will benefit from the prosperity and jovial optimism of your mate.

Business partnerships and collaborations will do well, too—you may want to hire a new accountant, lawyer, agent, publicist, wedding planner, stylist, or other professional, and if so, you will be pleased with the results as you work together.

Mercury will retrograde most of the month, from May 10 to June 3. This planet of communication also rules travel and electronics, so none of these areas would be beneficial during this retrograde period. Mercury will retrograde in Gemini, the very sign it rules, making it stronger this time. Frustrations about delays may, and probably will, come up, but you’ve been through Mercury retrograde before, and you are becoming an expert at dealing with him. After all, Mercury goes retrograde three times a year for three and a half weeks, so you are up to little Wrecker Ralph’s tricks. You may make a trip to the repair shop because Mercury rules electronics and the moving parts of machines, and parts famously show their wear and tear at this time. Mercury also rules all communications, from writing, editing, and public speaking, to negotiating, contracts, agreements, and travel and transportation.

Mercury retrograde is not the time to sign an agreement, nor is it a good time to buy an expensive electronic such as a computer or automobile. Many people rush to sign just before the start or right at the end of Mercury retrograde (May 10 and June 3), but those are the worst times to do so. If you must act on an activity that is not advised, don’t choose the start and end dates when Mercury is at his most mischievous. It would be better to act in the middle of the retrograde if you must.

The month will end on a new moon in Gemini, the very sign that is ruled by Mercury. This new moon will give you the travel bug, and even if you have not flown in a long time due to the pandemic, you may want to find a location to go to now. You need not go far. The trip you decide upon could be quite romantic, for the new moon and Sun will be in direct, friendly contact with good-fortune Jupiter and action Mars, currently based in your marriage and partnership sector. If you don’t go with your romantic partner, you might go with a collaborator at work to visit a client. Either way, the outcome of this trip bodes so well for success. Mars will be conjunct Jupiter, an indication that actions can lead to profit and happiness. Wait until Mercury goes direct to act, after June 3, for best results. A change of scene will do you a world of good.

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