Libra Horoscope for May 2022

Your May Horoscope for Libra

The May 15 eclipse is a full moon, which suggests that a financial matter will reach a conclusion within a week from the eclipse. Eclipses can be felt a month to a day earlier, so you may have already seen a major monetary matter reach an end. Money could change hands, or at the very least, you may reach an agreement. You might purchase something expensive that you’ve always wanted, or you may simply settle a financial obligation you had agreed to earlier.

There are clues to what might come up. Saturn will be at a hard angle to the Sun and new moon in a square, 90-degree position (suggesting an obstacle), and Saturn is currently transiting your fifth house of love, creativity, and children. I am imagining that the cost of childcare may be weighing on you, or if you are in the process of a divorce, you may feel that the settlement does not provide enough child support money to care for your children in the way you had been previously.

This same house rules true love, so alternatively, if you are dating, resist a request for a loan that your sweetheart might ask of you. Money seems a little tight for you this month, and adding a loan into the mix when a close sweetheart asks could prove sticky later. You may not have that loan repaid as quickly as you had assumed. Money and love just do not mix at this eclipse.

Alternatively, the cost of a creative project may be mounting, and your sponsor may not want to cover those cost overages. That happens sometimes, and my experience with creative projects when I was an agent for top commercial photographers, is that the photographer would cover the overage if he felt the project deserved the extra expense to make it better. The photographer’s name was going on the project, so while it’s not fair for the artist to have to cover the cost, occasionally it happens, and the photographer gladly pays (if the cost is within reason, something the photographer would decide before incurring the costs and talking it over with the client). If you anticipate overruns, keep communicating with your client—that’s vital.

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