Libra Horoscope for May 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

If you are looking for a bank loan or venture capital for your business or a mortgage, be ready to present your case to lenders at the May 11 new moon—if you wrote a good business plan and show realistic financials, you should get approval for the money you need. A new moon in Taurus brings Venus into the discussion, and here Venus is found in a lovely conversation with Pluto—in the days that follow this new moon, May 11, you have all the twinkling stars you need to make money.

After thinking about career and money most of this month, you seem to be ready for a little trip. The full moon lunar eclipse on May 26 in Sagittarius—a very powerful event—may bring an opportunity to travel to a nearby location that’s quite open, with big sunny skies—just your cup of tea. Saturn will be beautifully oriented to the moon and Sun, so you may visit a parent or older relative and enjoy staying in their beautifully appointed guest room. If all else fails, your family is being loving and supportive, and one relative will likely give you the cash you need, if you are getting frantic about running low. You seem not to need to go this route, though—I see money coming to you from your previous efforts and several sources. Your services will be in demand in the marketplace, and that will feel good.

Your luckiest, most surprising day for seeing cash? The day when Mars in your house of fame and honors will link up with Uranus and bring you a sum of money you don’t expect—May 11, the same day as the new moon.

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