Libra Horoscope for March 2023

Your March Horoscope for Libra

If you need to hire people while Saturn is in Pisces—March 7, 2023, to February 13, 2026—you will find it hard to come by qualified candidates. You will need to rely on friends to find your recruits—rely on their recommendations. If you’re occasionally sent a résumé from an applicant, save it, and keep the résumés of applicants you dismissed after hiring your present personnel, too—there may be someone in that file who would work out better than you would have assumed if your present person leaves.

Having Saturn in your sixth house is not considered to be a robust place to promote health. You might be overworked, so make time to go to the gym or to play sports. Be sure to get enough sleep, and eat a nutritious diet.

You will love seeing Saturn leave your fifth house of true love and fun. This has been an astrological oxymoron. The fifth house is where you have fun and enjoy romance and children, but Saturn wanted you to work and not have much leisure time. Saturn is known to cause separations or isolation, so your sweetheart may have had to travel a lot, go to a university in another region, or spend a long time opening an office in a foreign country.

If you hoped to conceive a child, you may have had difficulty, and if you did conceive, it might have taken time—or you may have had to enlist the help of a fertility specialist. Now that Saturn is leaving Aquarius, your fifth house, life will seem lighter, breezier, and much more fun. If you’re single, genuine love will be easier to find, and you may get your wish to have a baby. Saturn won’t return to the solar fifth house of your horoscope again until January 2050 to January 2053.

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