Libra Horoscope for March 2023

Your March Horoscope for Libra

Saturn’s move into Pisces, also on March 7, coincides with this full moon—and will stay until February 2026 (more on that later).

You have been traveling quite a bit since Mars entered Gemini, a lovely place for Mars to be for you (it’s a fellow air sign). In March, Mars is still in this divine-for-you sign. You may need a new suitcase because you’ve been using it so much! Mars rarely stays in one sign as long as he has been in Gemini, and because Gemini blends so well with your Libra Sun, this period must have been enjoyable for you.

Part of the time Mars was in Gemini, Mars was retrograde, from October 30 to January 12. That period was weak for creating progress on all ninth house activities (which I will list in a minute). You may have felt your progress was slow. Mars went direct on January 12, but no planet snaps back to its former strength the minute it goes direct, so it would take Mars until March 15 to be at full power again. Each day since January 12 Mars worked on gaining his former strength, so he is 95 percent there as we enter March. In fact, in all the time you’ve hosted Mars in your ninth house, Mars will be in the strongest shape he has ever been through March.

You still have time left to have extra luck in travel, import-export, higher education, international relationships, legal matters, and anything done in connection with the media. (This list includes all of the subjects covered by the ninth house.)

One sweet by-product of the full moon March 7 is that you might see an influx of unexpected funds.

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