Libra Horoscope for March 2021

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

You have been thinking intensely about your finances in January and February, so you may have finished your taxes and paid bills, making you feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders.

You also have come through the Snow moon of February 27, a full moon in Virgo, an elegant, friendly full moon that may have brought you a surprise windfall of cash. I say that because that full moon received a dazzling beam from Uranus, the planet of unexpected news, currently positioned in your house of other people’s money. If anyone owed you money, the check would have arrived at the time of that full moon, or still might in the first three days of March. Perhaps you asked for a raise—a good time to do so. If you didn’t, you will have more opportunities in the weeks ahead.

Mars, the planet that forced up expenses, will now move to the sign that’s divine for you, Gemini, from March 3 to April 23. Mars will give you a yearning for travel during that period, and you may be able to do so, if you are careful. In the Northern Hemisphere, it’s been bitterly cold, with too much snow, so if you are aching to leave town, no one could blame you. For you, I recommend the time near April 17, when Mars will contact good-fortune Jupiter in your house of true love, romance, fun, leisure time, and enjoyment with children. It will also be a fabulous time for your creative expression. I don’t know if I can keep you home that long, but circle April 17 as it will surely be fun. This would be my number one pick for you.

Check where the pandemic hotspots are in your country, and choose a place that is recording low illness and hospitalization levels. It will likely be best to stay in your own country. The mutations are serious. If your age group is coming up next for being given the vaccine, don’t leave—you don’t want to miss your chance. If you can travel by car, that seems the safest method. If going by plane, wear two masks as suggested by authorities. Find out quarantine requirements in different regions of your own country and how close to your trip you must show a COVID test to be allowed on the plane. You may need to quarantine when you get home, as well. If you have been vaccinated, keep in mind it takes four weeks for it to start working.

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