Libra Horoscope for June 2024

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Your Horoscope for Libra

by Susan Miller

You will have a chance to travel more often, not only now, but throughout the coming 12 months, including to far-flung places that you never thought you’d ever visit. Career opportunities will pop up in July. Perhaps most exciting, if you are single, you have a great chance of finding your one truelove, and if you are attached, spend more time together, and enjoy the warmth of your closeness. You will soon find that having Jupiter’s rare help is an amazingly happy development.

Since April, your partner, spouse, or live-in steady sweetheart seems to have been making news in your life.Your focus has been on these incoming updates, for in many ways, you knew that all that was happening to your partner would directly affect you, too. This concentration on your significant other will wind down once Mars leaves Aries on June 8.

While Mars is in Taurus from June 8 to July 20, you will see your spending increase. You might be taking an expensive vacation, paying taxes, sending a deposit for your child’s camp, or paying tuition for the upcoming semester. Your expenses may rise because you need to make an large purchase, such as a new car, kitchen appliance, computer, or new clothes for the upcoming season.

Mercury is not retrograde (that won’t happen until August 4 to August 28), but you will feel the slowdown and haywire effect of this planet as soon as the end of July. It is never wise to buy anything that’s expensive or contains electronic chips during Mercury retrograde. Still, this is June, so you have plenty of time to manage your purchases. June will be a fantastic time to shop.

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