Libra Horoscope for June 2024

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Your Horoscope for Libra

by Susan Miller

The most interesting aspect for you to settle a deal or make money by bringing in a client (you can add other sources) will be when Venus and Mars are sextile on June 28 (a friendly aspect that encourages opportunity) because they will set up a sturdy link between your house of money and your career sector. See how it goes—the transiting moon will be in entrepreneurial Aries, a wonderful sign for you.

Romantically, your very best time occurs while your ruler Venus (the planet of love) tours air-sign Gemini, which started last month on May 23, and will extend to June 17. Mars, the planet that is Venus’ lover, will be in Aries in early June before he leaves for Taurus on June 8. You will find these first nine days of June to be a special time for love.


Are you leaving town, dear Libra? With five heavenly bodies filling Gemini, your ninth house of distant trips, it would be hard to stay home. You may be traveling as part of your job, for pleasure, to do research, or to take classes toward a degree at an institution of higher learning. Alternatively, you might travel to take a seminar or attend a convention to catch up on emerging developments in your industry. No matter what the reason is for your trip, you will thoroughly enjoy it this month. Good-fortune Jupiter moved into Gemini last month on May 25 for the first time in 12 years.

This will be a long, fascinating, and enjoyable trend. Jupiter will remain in Gemini for a little over a year, so this trip or learning experience will only whet your appetite for more. You won’t be going to a secluded place either—you are more likely to head to a city where there will be many people and plenty of conversations. This month you will also need to field a plethora of phone calls and emails as these will pour in at a rapid rate. Saturn will be in hard angle to the new moon on June 6, so you may initially feel a little overwhelmed, but if you simply break down your tasks into small bites, you will master it all.

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