Libra Horoscope for June 2024

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JUNE 2024

Dear Reader,

Your June forecast is now posted. Susan has come down with a virulent virus and will not be able to write her normal News for the month.

Overall, June will be a wonderful month no matter what sign you are, with a new moon in Cancer on June 6 and a full moon in Capricorn on June 21. A spectacular and rare event will occur on June 2 when Jupiter will trine Pluto—a 5-star day. June is packed full with planetary activity, so be sure to check your Astrology Zone calendar, which is now priced at $13.50—50% off—available exclusively on

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Your June 2024 Horoscope for Libra

by Susan Miller

Life is about to become brighter and more beautiful each day, dear Libra. Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and happiness, just moved into Gemini last month (May 25) for the first time in a dozen years. Jupiter is now in an air sign like yours, which is significant because in his new breezy, light placement, you can more easily access Jupiter’s full range of benefits.

While Jupiter was in his previous sign, Taurus, he likely improved your financial picture, but life was not too exciting because your air sign may have felt, at times, smothered by the weight of earthy Taurus. If certain days seemed heavy and life felt laborious, you now know why. This month you will see the difference because not only is Jupiter in Gemini but so is the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and the June 6 new moon. This new moon will be in Gemini, 16 degrees, and it will be as sweet as sugar.

Since there is a crowd of heavenly bodies—five in all, thereby half the solar system—all “trine” to your natal Sun or ascendant (an aspect of great harmony), you have a superb outlook. You are not used to seeing this level of support. Your optimism and your health should immediately benefit. Stretch your arms over your head as you shout “Hallelujah!”

All of these planets, plus the Sun and new moon in Gemini, 16 degrees, have migrated into your ninth house, which rules, among other things, distant travel, so pull out your suitcase from under the bed, and start packing. It looks like you will be heading out by air or car (or both) in June.

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