Libra Horoscope for June 2022

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Your Horoscope for Libra

At June 14, plus five days, you may be given a contract to sign because this full moon is set to light your third house of legal agreements. On the plus side, Saturn will make a lovely, stabilizing beam to the Sun as well as to the full moon. Also, Jupiter will make a positive and very comforting signal to Mercury, which rules contracts. Jupiter and Mercury will reach an exact sextile—meaning an opportunity is about to arrive—on June 20, but you will be able to feel this aspect earlier, on June 14, as it moves toward exactness.

Here is the problem, though: Neptune will be challenging both the Sun and full moon in a harsh square aspect, and that means facts may be obscured or completely missing. The contract may have so many holes you could drive a truck through them. This would be no time in an effort to save money to skip calling you lawyer for her advice—not with Neptune busy manufacturing dense fog over the contract. With Saturn trying to put the agreement in concrete, you’d need a strong exit clause in the contract if later things go sideways. I would say wait until the Sun moves far enough away from Neptune to sign. Wait long enough so that Neptune can no longer give you any difficulties—that would be at the new moon in Cancer, June 28.

If you travel over June 14, make sure you have a precise address and maps with you in case GPS fails you. Also, check the weather report to make sure you will not encounter heavy rains and dangerous flash flooding (possible with Neptune going rogue). Alternatively, dense fog could become a hazard, or in high elevations, be aware of heavy snow or ice. Check your weather reports so you can avoid any potentially dangerous situations. With Neptune, anything related to water has to be taken seriously.

I know I had mentioned June 20 as special for finding accord, and it is for making all kinds of agreements but not with Neptune challenging the Sun and full moon. You can feel free to talk about various deal points on June 20, but do not sign. In fact, if you say you will sign later in the month, using that verbiage would be a tacit agreement, the same as signing the paperwork. I have to get you as far away from that Neptune aspect as possible. I can never look at just one aspect—I have to look at all the planets in the sky and see what they are doing in every constellation in a 360-degree circle.

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