Libra Horoscope for July 2022

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Your Horoscope for Libra

July is a good strong month where you can get lots of things accomplished. There will be no retrogrades of Mars, Mercury, or Venus to hold you back and no eclipses to blow you off course. It’s a sunny, happy month where you can set your own agenda without fear that you will be distracted by outside events.

The month starts out with a new moon in Cancer, 7 degrees, that appeared a few days before the beginning of July on June 28-29 (depending on your time zone), and that new moon can help you find solid opportunity to move ahead professionally. If you have been thinking about changing jobs and hoped a new job would represent a step up with more responsibility and better pay, this new moon will be your friend. We get one new moon a year in each of the 12 houses of the horoscope—this is the new moon you need to push ahead.

If you need to sign a contract in the first week of July, you can, for Saturn will be in staunch support of your efforts. It appears you will have a long relationship if you sign in early July (or already did in the last days of June).

The way astrology works is that when you have a solidly good new moon, like you do now—one that can elevate you career to a higher level—you need to show the universe your intent. You need to look at job listings on Internet sites and peruse sites like LinkedIn. Also, think of all the friends, acquaintances, and other contacts you know and like. This would be the right time to check in with each one you feel is appropriate to let them know you’d be open to hearing about any new positions they know of that are opening in your industry.

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