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JULY 2021

Dear Reader,

July will be a big month with lots of opportunities to be productive and also to have fun. This month no longer has Mercury retrograde—that ended June 22. July has no eclipses or angry new or full moons. In short, things should hum along for you, and you will likely be pleased with how things go in your professional and personal life.

Now, turning to another subject, do you believe in synchronicity? I do. When something terrible happens in my life, like the unexpected death of my former husband, Don Miller, I look to see what else is happening in my life at the same time. Any upbeat developments I see can help to point to a way to heal. The universe will always strive for balance by delivering happy news, often at the same time. When Turner Classic Movies called me to do an assignment, which I am thrilled to tell you about below, I knew this was just the boost I needed to lift my spirits.

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

You have a stellar month ahead, with progress in your career as well as love and children, and you will have plenty of time to reconnect with friends and make some new ones this month. There is an unusual balance of activity between your public life (career) and private life (friends, romance).

With Mercury retrograde in your rear-view mirror (it was over on June 22), you have an open road before Mercury goes retrograde again, which will be from September 26 to October 18, the last Mercury retrograde episode in 2021. I know your birthday might fall during this period, but don’t be blue—there are always workarounds to outsmart the havoc that Mercury is known to create when retrograde.

Let’s look at the first sweet aspect that will come your way on July 5, which will likely bring surprise news that your career is on the move and that a sum of money is on the way to you. It might be a raise, bonus, commission, government program check, or some other reason you will be seeing cash. Your windfall will likely be connected to your work life. The aspect is the Sun, now in your tenth house of fame, in contact with Uranus, in your house of other people’s money. Whatever comes up will come as a complete surprise.

Try as you might to guess why and where this sum of money may be coming from, you won’t be able to. It is Uranus’ nature to be unpredictable, so it’s always something you’ve never considered. If you plan to travel on July 5, keep checking your email and cell phone messages. This good news will come out of the blue.

Now, we come to the important July 9 new moon in Cancer, 18 degrees, to light your prestigious tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement. Uranus will stay close enough in degree to the new moon and Sun in a “sextile” aspect to create an offer for a new position, a promotion, a side project, or if self-employed, a new client. I do see more money on the way for you from this new moon and possibly substantial company benefits like good health insurance, flexible hybrid time (work from home, if desired), and other perks you will appreciate. This new moon can help you quite a bit, for it is the only new moon of the year to light your professional house, and new moons bring fresh starts.

An outstanding day for career matters within the favorable new moon period will be July 12. This is when Mercury will work closely with Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck. This aspect will set up a link between a work-a-day project and your professional status, so a project you will get or have been working on will have the power to call great attention to your skills and accomplishments.

Elsewhere in your solar chart, you have something else exciting going on.

You now have Mars lighting your eleventh house of friendship, and because Libra is the most social sign, this should be good news. As a Libra, friends are like oxygen to you. Being with your friends makes you feel more vibrant and alive, and with Mars will be touring Leo for the first time in two years, your friends will have a starring role in your life in July. Your social life will twinkle.

As a Libra, friends are like oxygen to you. Being with your friends makes you feel more vibrant and alive, and with Mars touring Leo for the first time in two years, your friends will have a starring role in your life in July. Your social life will twinkle.

Mars in Leo will give you a yen for a vacation in a beautiful setting, and you will want to enjoy a touch of luxury, for Leo is the royal sign. Mars will be in Leo until July 29. Yay!

The icing on your cake is that Venus will also be in Leo, and Venus and Mars are the two cosmic lovers who long to be together but struggle to make their schedules mesh. Typically, Venus and Mars only meet once a year, and this year, July is the month they will meet—in Leo, adding so much to your eleventh house of friends, fun, leisure activity, and special events. When Mars and Venus are conjunct, they set off sparks of new love, so if you are single, you may meet your one truelove this month.

Mars and Venus will help you if you are attached, too. You will share more time together this month, and your partner will respond enthusiastically. Mars and Venus will make their conjunction on Tuesday, July 13, and you will begin to feel these two celestials as they come closer over the weekend of July 10-11.

While everyone will love having Venus and Mars close most of the month, you will love it more as your ruling planet is Venus. When Venus is happy, you are, too. Circle those dates! July 10-13 is special for you.

If you want to improve your appearance by purchasing new wardrobe items, updating your hairstyle (and perhaps color or highlights), or having your dermatologist give you Botox or fillers, do it when Venus is in Leo, and act before Venus leaves Leo, on July 21.

Mars will remain in your sparkle sign, Leo, until July 29, so as you see, you have the ideal month to have fun. This emphasis on Leo will coax you to spend on quality, designer items. You may spend on yourself, but you certainly will enjoy the process. If you don’t want to shop or travel, you can use this energy by spending a little time at the spa or having a massage or an exotic treatment—you need a little pampering.

Tuesday, July 20, will be a perfect day to travel to a new setting or take a quick day trip by car to explore a location that you’ve never seen before. This will be a fun day because Mercury, the travel planet, and Jupiter, the good fortune planet, will work together to give you a memorable day. If you are thinking of taking a vacation in this glorious month, you might want to make sure July 20 is one of the days you will be away.

Now, we come to the full moon on July 23 in Aquarius, 1 degree. This full moon will light your solar fifth house of true love. If you are single and not dating, you may meet someone who has remarkably good chemistry with you, and you may find you have a lot in common.

If you are dating seriously, this full moon in Aquarius, 1 degree, might trigger a serious conversation about whether to live together, become engaged soon, or get married. It is a time of culmination and decisions, and because Mercury is no longer retrograde, it’s a good time to consider your intentions.

Babies are covered by the fifth house, so you may decide if you or your partner would like to have a baby. If so, you could discuss whether to try to become pregnant, adopt, or use a surrogate for your pregnancy. The point is that pregnancy, birth, and the care of children all come under the fifth house where this full moon will be on July 23. If you already have children, then news may come up about one of them, most likely your eldest.

If you are involved in creative projects, one may be concluding at this full moon, July 23. You worked very hard on this assignment, and you will feel proud and relieved when it is all done.

By the time you get close to month’s end, Mars will move out of Leo and into Virgo on July 29 and stay until September 14. Your breezy socializing will start to settle down, and you will crave rest. Starting July 29, Mars will light your twelfth house of solitude and reflection, a good time to beg off your heavy social season and be more selective about the meetups you schedule. Sometimes, it’s nice to have a wide-open set of days, with nothing in particular on the agenda.


July could turn out to be the most important month of the year for progress in your career.

Circle the new moon, July 9, when the Sun and new moon will meet in your tenth house of professional honors, awards, and achievement—this will be the only new moon of 2021 in this sector. Be ready to interview for a new position at your present firm or to look elsewhere. With Neptune active and friendly, it will be your ability to generate ideas and creative thinking that will be prized by VIPs you meet with. If you want part-time work, you can uncover those opportunities, too.

Uranus is in your sector of other people’s money and will send a laser beam to the Sun and new moon, linking money to your rising career. You may say yes, a better job generally brings more money, but in truth, that’s not always the case. Happily, it will be for you, though, and I will tell you the type of money that shines most brilliantly for you.

If you cannot secure a raise or a good salary in a new job, look to company benefits as an area of gain. With your eighth house lit up and well aspected, you will likely be successful being granted some valuable perks. You may be surprised by how well things turn out, thanks to the placement of Uranus, friendly to the Sun and new moon July 9 and in the days and weeks to follow. Your strongest help from the new moon will come quickly after it appears, so do something to advance your position (if you haven’t already done so).

You may have to figure out how you will handle childcare and family responsibilities if you accept a bigger title at work—Pluto’s position suggests you are needed by your family at home. Still, if getting ahead is your aim, you must act in the days following July 9 and not wait until month’s end when aspects will become weaker.

Libra needs to be with friends all the time—they give you a shot of energy and a cheerful outlook. This month, Venus and Mars, the two celestial lovers, will meet for the only time in 2021 on Tuesday, July 13. You will feel the strength of this romantic, fun aspect as it builds over the preceding weekend of July 10-11. You are ruled by Venus, giving Venus extra weight and importance to your chart, so July 10-13 will be sparkling days for you. The job of Venus and Mars, when together, is to light the spark of new love, as well as rekindle true love to bring you both closer in a fun, flirty way.

The full moon in Aquarius on July 23 might bring a decision point for you in your personal life. If you are dating seriously, you may decide to continue and grow closer, possibly by moving in together or committing to an engagement. You might even get married. Alternatively, the topic of pregnancy, babies, or the care of children may come up, and again, you will make a decision because full moons bring closure.

There is some indication that the person you are dating might be more demanding of your time too, and complain you are giving your friends and your career too much attention. This same complaint might come instead from one of your children. (When it rains, it pours.) At the full moon, the feelings that are being expressed to you must be acknowledged and not dismissed—be glad the people you love and who love you are speaking up, even if hearing all this makes you feel pulled in two directions. This way, you can find a way to re-balance your time and take better care of all those who depend on you.

This is a big month, and make no mistake, your career will take center stage. Focus on that, and in your free time, enjoy all the people in your life. With Venus and Mars so close, July could work out to be a standout month.

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