Libra Horoscope for July 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Babies are covered by the fifth house, so you may decide if you or your partner would like to have a baby. If so, you could discuss whether to try to become pregnant, adopt, or use a surrogate for your pregnancy. The point is that pregnancy, birth, and the care of children all come under the fifth house where this full moon will be on July 23. If you already have children, then news may come up about one of them, most likely your eldest.

If you are involved in creative projects, one may be concluding at this full moon, July 23. You worked very hard on this assignment, and you will feel proud and relieved when it is all done.

By the time you get close to month’s end, Mars will move out of Leo and into Virgo on July 29 and stay until September 14. Your breezy socializing will start to settle down, and you will crave rest. Starting July 29, Mars will light your twelfth house of solitude and reflection, a good time to beg off your heavy social season and be more selective about the meetups you schedule. Sometimes, it’s nice to have a wide-open set of days, with nothing in particular on the agenda.


July could turn out to be the most important month of the year for progress in your career.

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