Libra Horoscope for January 2023

Your January Horoscope for Libra

The Sun in this area of your chart will also signal surprise planet Uranus in your eighth house of money, indicating that you would find banks willing to give you a mortgage or home improvement loan. There are other ways this might work out—if you owe a large sum of money, possibly for taxes or a student loan, or need to put a down payment on a house but don’t have the full amount, or if you have been distressed about this matter, there is hope. The fact that Uranus is beaming the Sun in your fourth house suggests that a member of your family could be sympathetic to your plight and possibly give you a sum of money to help you pay the debt.

Let’s now turn to a different topic. For months, Mars has been circulating in your ninth house of distant travel, so you may be making many more trips than usual. Alternatively, you may be involved in a legal matter, one that dragged on for weeks or months. Or if you work in the media, you may have been working on a story (or are the subject of one) or been focused on attaining an advanced degree. Things are about to go far better because Mars, the planet causing your focus in one or more of these areas, is about to go from retrograde to direct orbit on January 12. While Mars can’t normalize his movements instantly, he will at least be moving in the right direction after January 12, and it is likely you will see a breakthrough.

There is another reason progress would have seemed slow to you—Mercury has been retrograde since December 29 (you began feeling that slow down two weeks ahead). Thankfully, Mercury will turn on full power on January 18. After that date, you can sign important papers and shop for any electronics you crave using one of the gift cards you may have received last month.

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