Libra Horoscope for January 2023

Your January Horoscope for Libra

You have a stellar weekend January 28-29 where Mars in your ninth house of travel will be in perfect sync with the mighty Sun. All through the second half of 2022 you traveled much more than usual, and this will keep up through the first quarter of 2023. It looks as though the more you travel the more you will want to travel. Mars is in Gemini, so it appears you are not going overseas or to foreign nations. Still, the short tips have been deliciously refreshing, possibly made through the kindness of friends. The Sun rules your eleventh house of joy and friendships, so if you can, plan to go away this weekend, for it would be fun.

Venus, your ruler, will be in madly compatible Aquarius nearly all month, from January 2 to January 26. You can get ready for lasting romance by seeing about improving your appearance. You can buy clothing while Mercury is retrograde but not electronics—those are better purchased next month. (Save your receipts, though, in case you buy the wrong size or color.) Have Botox, fillers, and so forth, as well as a new haircut after January 21. Get ready for love, dear Libra—more is coming in February.


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Now that the holidays are over, you will find that January starts out with a great deal of activity. First, you have a full moon appearing in your tenth house of career honors, awards, and achievement. You may hear that you landed a new position, one with greater status and influence, or it may be that you will be finishing up a big project near the full moon January 6 that is so newsworthy, the press may want to do a profile on you. Uranus will be sweetly angled to that full moon, and that could translate into generous money for you. If you lose a job, it appears your company feels bad about the layoff and will be open to giving you a generous severance—be sure to ask. (I am not saying this is going to happen, only that it is remotely possible since I cannot see everything in your chart.) Think positively—this full moon is on your side. If you are getting a new job, and it’s the appropriate time, ask about company benefits, which are due to be generous.

At the same time of that delicious full moon January 6, you have plenty of activity focused on your home or other property you may own or rent, or you may be thinking more about your family. If you have to move, you may be finding suitable spaces to consider, or if your parents or a sibling is planning a move, you might volunteer to lend a hand.

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