Libra Horoscope for January 2022

Your January Horoscope for Libra

As a sidebar, Venus rules beauty and luxury, so Venus retrograde is not the time to schedule changes to your appearance. Do not have Botox or fillers, have veneers put on your teeth, or make any dramatic changes in your hairstyle. It’s fine to have trims and touch-ups in hair color, but it is not the time to do more radical moves as you might not like the changes.

On top of Venus retrograde, Venus’ brother Mercury will begin to retrograde too, from January 14 to February 3. This means it would not be wise to close on a house or condo or to sign a lease—Mercury rules agreements, and when retrograde, Mercury withholds its greatest powers. Later, you might find something you were not told and perhaps regret moving into the space, or you could find you have to make repairs you were never told you might need to do.

If you receive furniture deliveries while Mercury is retrograde, be home to examine the pieces before the deliverymen leave, for there could be damage. You would need to point this out on the spot, not later. Let’s hope all arrive in top condition.

The full moon on January 17 will be an important one for you, shining at the very pinnacle point in your chart. At this time of the month, your attention will switch to your career, and you may be celebrating a professional victory. Your profile will be high in your industry, and you may be invited to give an interview to the press to discuss recent successes. Neptune will be in fine support of the full moon, fueling your imagination and creativity in everything you do.

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