Libra Horoscope for January 2022

Your January Horoscope for Libra

You might not hear of the space through your real estate broker—instead, you might find your dream space from a tip from a friend or family member. All home and family questions can be solved in January or February, your best two months to search with a spirit of determination. Your next window of opportunity will arrive in mid-July of 2022, but you won’t have the powerful set of aspects you will have now. In January and February, you may have great luck if you look.

In January, consider creating a comfortable home office so you can work there most of the time when at home. Your home sector is lit up like Times Square. Home will be a lucky part of your life where most of the good news, and profits, will emanate this month.

Once Mars enters Capricorn, January 24 to March 6, you will be even more motivated to search for the right answers to home and family-related questions. Mars will fill your home and family area with light and energy, so February is sure to be a highly productive time, along with the first week of March, for settling all you hope to do.

Venus will be retrograde through most of January, a trend that started December 19 and will end on January 29. If you encounter a plethora of delays, take it all in stride. You will get cancellations, so use that extra time to think through your plans for 2022. See if you can find alternative ways to get to your goal. Venus will go retrograde in your home sector, so that is where you will see many of the holdups to progress. Delays will benefit you, so go with them. If you are faced with a roadblock with your bank or another lender, don’t assume that’s it, and you won’t go any further—you will get help at the full moon, January 17, plus or minus four days. You won’t see this coming, and it will thrill you when it arrives.

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