Libra Horoscope for January 2022

Your January Horoscope for Libra

When Mars leaves Sagittarius, you won’t be traveling as much, but instead, you’ll focus again on your home-related goal. I am not sure how much Venus retrograde will hold up your ability to move forward in early January. The new moon is very powerful on January 2 and can affect you for six months. Nevertheless, if you should encounter an obstacle in capturing your new apartment or house, or in any way are impeded with going ahead with any other home or family matter, Mars will help you by entering Capricorn, your fourth house of home, from January 24 to March 6.

As you see, you should stay optimistic. When it comes to home and family matters, you are golden.

Next month will be all about love. You have spectacular aspects, and Valentine’s Day should be all you hoped it to be, for it is looking to be mighty special.


It seems you have been looking for an apartment or a house for a while, but you have not yet found your dream home. You might want to look the minute you enter this month, for this month is different—you have a superb chance of finding a space you love. The new moon on January 2 and the weeks to follow will be your golden time to look in 2022. This new moon will receive an exciting, friendly beam from Uranus, so you may hear of a new space quite suddenly and unexpectedly.

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