Libra Horoscope for January 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

If you work in the creative field, this aspect could bring you approval for a magnificent well-paying assignment or see you finishing the month by wrapping and shipping an assignment to your client. The fifth house which is so lit up, rules your imagination, creativity, and artistic expressions. Jupiter is an international sign, so any project you get or ship at this time, January 28, could well have wide international appeal.

Before I go, I will list the days for you to enjoy love. You’re ruled by Venus, so we need to know what Venus is doing.

On January 9, Venus will receive special rare beams from her lover, Mars. Venus will be in your home sector most of the month, so this means you might want to plan a romantic evening with your steady date or partner. If you want to do something for your home and need a home improvement loan, this is the date to make your loan application. This is a day when lots of things should go your way, and you’ll be humming a happy tune.

January 13 sparkles for an unexpected episode of love, when Venus and Uranus combine signals. You will feel sexy and alluring, so Cupid and his little fleet of angels will be buzzing above you no matter where you go—the post office, the supermarket, the Apple store—you name it. This should be a fun day, full of surprises.

January 23 brings Venus and Neptune into sublime contact, making for a glamourous evening. This is a Saturday night, and again, romance will bloom best where Venus is found—at home.

You have a highly productive month, dear Libra—enjoy it!

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