Libra Horoscope for January 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

I should add that a Capricorn new moon puts Saturn in the lead, but Saturn will be in a cranky mood. We do have to factor in Saturn’s current difficult position with Mars and Uranus. This spells obstacle, not an inability to move forward, so you may have to tweak your plans and be flexible. Neptune will provide inspiration. Sometimes bumps in the road make us stop and think, and we come up with a better idea that we would never have thought of had we not faced a hurdle—I think this is the case here.

If you are trying to help an elderly parent with their living situation, this new moon will reveal options you had not considered before. You need not be focused only on living questions for your beloved relative, for this new moon can help you with other topics you need to solve for family members.

At month’s end, we have a full moon in Leo, 9 degrees, on January 28, which should bring you more fun. This full moon will fall in your eleventh house, so that tells me you would likely be in touch with at least one close friend. This is a complex full moon. Opposite the full moon is a trio of heavenly bodies in your fifth house, all in Aquarius. Jupiter will partner with that full moon, and that’s a positive indication you could enjoy this episode, but Saturn is also opposing the full moon in Leo from Aquarius, within two degrees, suggesting your friend may be going through a very difficult patch. You would be in the best position to help your friend.

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