Libra Horoscope for January 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

It appears you will have a wonderful opportunity to improve your personal life. Saturn, the taskmaster planet, has also arrived with Jupiter, so initially—until May—you may find the role you take on will require self-discipline and concentration, but it will be well worth the effort. With Saturn, what you choose to achieve, you get to keep forever. No doubt about it, 2021 will be all about embroidering your personal life to make it richer and more satisfying.

In that vein, the new moon of January 12 will be a gift from the universe, especially if you plan to move to a new space, repair, renovate, or design your present one. The holidays are over, and now is the perfect time to devote yourself to this project. This new moon will help you find precisely what you need as it is the only new moon that will appear in your home sector in 2021. It will give you your best opportunity to make your home exactly as you want it to be, and to benefit, you must begin in the days after the new moon appears. Neptune will be beautifully angled to the new moon and Sun, so you will have plenty of artistic ideas to apply to your décor.

Most major undertakings require funding, and in that case, it appears you can get the money you need, thanks to a friendly communication between Venus, Pluto, the Sun, and new moon, with Uranus and Mars in your house of banks, home improvement loans, and mortgages. Saturn and Uranus will be at odds, however, so you might have to factor in some unexpected expenses, particularly regarding an older structure involving the walls you might want to take down or the foundation of the house. You may have a lot of paperwork to fill out too—Saturn loves to create red tape. Check to see that your home has enough electrical wiring as it appears you will need a more robust electrical current than you have had in the past for the Internet and all the entertainment gadgets in your home.

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