Libra Horoscope for February 2024

Your February Horoscope for Libra

This new moon comes just in time to make Valentine’s Day memorable and romantic, especially if you’re attached. If you’re single, be out and about all month because the happy crowd of planets in your fifth house will be acting like loving little relatives who want to see you coupled up.

There is one tricky aspect associated with this new moon, and that is Uranus based in Taurus, your financial eighth house of other people’s money. It appears that a large expense may come up unexpectedly in regard to your care for a child, participation in a festive social event, or in the process of working on a creative idea or assignment. The moon is the natural ruler of your solar tenth house of career, so this unanticipated news may be related to a career matter.

Uranus, which is called the planet that strikes like lightning (it is related to electricity), always brings news about something that you were not aware of, had overlooked, or underestimated and dismissed as unimportant. At the same time as this new moon, Uranus will be in fine angle to Mars and your ruler Venus, so it appears a family member—most likely a parent—or a friend would be willing to help you and reduce any stress you might be experiencing.

Keep your health strong because you have a lot on your plate, and you may be dragging your little feathers at the full moon on February 24. You seem to have a project at work that will require your full attention—Saturn will press on the Sun in Pisces and simultaneously on the full moon in Virgo, making you aware of the importance of this particular endeavor. You seem to have a lot riding on the outcome, and if you don’t feel at top strength, it will be that much harder to create the excellence you are striving to achieve. Pace yourself by breaking tasks into little parcels. Jupiter will contact Saturn at this time, indicating you could be well paid for your efforts and add an additional layer to your sterling reputation.

The end of the month, Leap Year Day on February 29, has a lovely interaction between Mercury and Jupiter. You can travel, shop, pitch a client, send an important letter or application, give a speech, or travel joyfully.

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