Libra Horoscope for February 2024

Your February Horoscope for Libra

If you are working on an important creative endeavor, you will have to watch costs in the months ahead, for you could face unexpected budget overruns that upset your client. Keep an eye on expenses.

Valentine’s Day is February 14, and Venus will just about be in your best place, Aquarius, where Venus’ lover Mars will be. This is fantastic—these two planets do their best work of spreading love and happiness when they are together. Amazingly, these two lovebirds will make an exact conjunction this month on February 22—a red-letter day! Additionally, on February 14 the moon will be conjunct Jupiter in the sensuous sign of Taurus, so you should have a very happy Valentine’s Day to look forward to.

If Valentine’s Day comes late for you because your one-and-only will be away for business at the time, thismay be a blessing. One of your best days of the month will be Wednesday, February 22 when Mars and Venus come together in an embrace (a conjunction). This is a spectacular day for love and romance and also for having fun with children, so plan an outing. Watch your spending, however—costs can add up fast when Uranus is in hard angle to the Sun and moon, which it will still be at this time, and when your credit card bill arrives, you could receive a shock. Avoid that possibility this month by being a little more frugal.

The full moon will occur on February 24 in Virgo, 5 degrees, the most hidden part of your chart. Over this full moon you will want to step away from your social activities to have a thorough rest. Saturn will be tightly conjunct the Sun (within 3 degrees) and oppose the full moon, so you will be in a thoughtful, serious mood. Your tenth house of career reputation is ruled by the moon, and the Sun rules your friendship sector—either or both could bring news.

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