Libra Horoscope for February 2023

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Your Horoscope for Libra

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This month, with all your transiting planets on the western side of your solar chart, other people will have a large role to play in your life. This will take cooperation from you, but as a Libra, you are happy when working in concert with others—you are the zodiac’s expert at partnerships. In this little 28-day month, there will be plenty to say, so let’s get started.

Your first important date to watch will be the full moon on February 5 in Leo at 17 degrees, and it will be influential for five days as the full moon gradually, gently wanes. This full moon will draw your attention to a friendship or a social event you plan to attend. There will be two sides to this full moon. On one hand, Uranus could bring a problem with a friend involving money. You may be asked by your pal to participate in her destination wedding, for example, and find doing so will cost you a small fortune—something you are not willing to do. In a situation like this, you simply need to be honest. Perhaps you can go as a guest and still be with your friend on her big day.

If you loaned money to a friend, you may find out, much to your dismay, that this person can’t pay you back—not now and maybe never—and you were depending on the money being returned. Uranus always brings news we don’t expect. At this point, do not mix your money with your friendship. I am trying to think of examples, but you get the idea. An alternative and very different possibility is you might not be able to go to a social event you had planned on attending. I am hoping none of these types of events happen to you!

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