Libra Horoscope for February 2021

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Occasionally, the universe sends a near-perfect month, and if I were to predict the one sign that will likely enjoy February the most, it would be Libra. There is so much to say—it’s hard to know where to start! I can tell you this: Your happiness will not stem from your public life this month (your career or community service), but rather, it will come from your emotional life—love, romance, the warmth of friendship, fun with children and family, and your creative expressions.

Let’s start with the beautiful full moon in Leo that you just came through, January 28 in Leo, 9 degrees. It occurred days before the start of February, so if you did not notice anything happening near January 28, you still might in the first days of February. That full moon filled your eleventh house of groups and friends, making it likely you were surrounded by several friendly people—say 15, which is huge in a pandemic world. Perhaps you came together for a production or other group work, and you stayed socially distanced. If you did work on a creative project, it likely made you very happy, for you were doing precisely what you love to do.

You may have attended a small baby shower or a tiny wedding—some couples have been anxious to tie the knot. It also seems you may have received a touching gesture from a friend who cares about you and would always be willing to do anything you ask. In fact, your friend may have spoken up for you to make sure you got a job.

At that full moon, Jupiter was conjunct the Sun—a rare aspect—in your artistic fifth house, which probably made you feel like a puppy in clover. It’s a joyous aspect, one that has not happened since December 27, 2019 (not in 2020 at all), indicating that this job or event must have been luxurious and heartwarming at the same time.

If your birthday falls on October 3, plus or minus five days, you likely enjoyed this full moon very much. The same is true if you have Libra rising or your natal moon in Libra, 9 degrees, plus or minus five degrees. Take a look at your chart, as you might have a planet in Libra, Gemini, or Aquarius at 9 degrees, plus or minus five degrees, and if so, that planet was lit up and very helpful to you.

Let’s turn to your finances now. You seem to have been concerned about the high level of spending you’ve had lately, and you may not have been able to keep expenses down. One expense that likely came up in January—a rather large one—seems to have come out of the blue and rattled you a little. This was due to assertive Mars orbiting close to unpredictable Uranus, although they are gradually separating. By March 3, Mars will leave this part of your chart, your eighth house of credit cards, taxes, student loans, and so forth. Once Mars leaves, he will not create the inflammation he might have in January, and to a smaller extent, will continue to do in February.

The month will sparkle brightly once you get to the new moon on February 11 in Aquarius at 23 degrees. At this time, the new moon in her white gown will arrive with her entourage: her partner the Sun in his tux, your ruler Venus, Mercury, the planet of news, Saturn, the teacher planet, and Jupiter, the planet of good fortune. All these heavenly bodies will crowd into one tiny slice of the pizza—your fifth house of true love, fun, and romance. There are many possibilities of how this will turn out! Jupiter will stay almost all year as he will leave December 28, not to return for 12 years. Saturn will stay here until March 7, 2023.

By Sunday, February 14, the moon will be in Aries, the sign of your significant other, and Venus and Jupiter… will lend a loving air to Valentine’s Day. …Do something to make this day memorable. This has all the potential of a Valentine’s Day for the record books.

First, I should let you know that Mercury will be retrograde this month, a trend that started on January 30 and will continue until February 20. Keep in mind that Mercury is always a wild child at the start and end dates of his retrograde, so instead of rushing to resume your normal activities right on February 20, you might want to head for the hills.

In other words, Mercury is more like a naughty little Dennis the Menace during the start and end dates, not that he is an angel in the middle of his retrograde, but he is not quite as wild as in the middle of his retrograde. This is one aspect that affects every sign relatively evenly.

You should not sign a contract with Mercury retrograde, nor should you buy an electronic appliance for your kitchen, a new car, computer, smartphone, or any high-tech product. Also, avoid downloading new software. For all these activities, wait until March. As you see, Mercury pertains mainly to facts, figures, and objective discussions.

Mercury does, admittedly, make us rush. We do too many things at once, and then we tend to lose things. If your steady date breaks up with you during Mercury retrograde, your partner may not have been thinking straight, and later, he or she could regret being hasty. Give it time. I don’t see a breakup, so don’t give that point another thought. My goodness, this month, the loving universe has prepared a fragrant bouquet of the most beautiful flowers for you.

Now, at the new moon of February 11, 23 degrees Aquarius, you are in a rare position to gather all the goodies this new moon will unlock for you. Think of a new moon as a fresh start, as if you are hitting a pinata just the right way, and all the presents come falling out all over you.

The wonderful part of any new moon is that it’s not only influential for a day, but for six months to a year. It will continue to send you these lovely vibrations until the next new moon in Aquarius arrives on February 1, 2022. It will be hard to beat the one that will arrive on February 11, for this new moon seems tailor-made for you in every way. Romantically, 2021 could turn out to fulfill your dreams, dear Libra.

A new moon opens fresh opportunities, and in this house, if you are single and hoping to find love, you have a plethora of happy planets, each in air-sign Aquarius, all in support of your Sun in Libra. That gaggle of Aquarian planets, as they move in orbit at their various speeds, will remain, at times, at 120 degrees to your natal Libra planets, producing the most harmonious aspects and more possibilities in 2021. Trines, like you have now, bring opportunities without asking you to try too hard.

If you are single, you will have a chance to meet someone new. The early September-born Libras will have the first chance to do so, but as Jupiter moves gradually into later degrees, every Libra will have an opportunity to find their one truelove in 2021. I know, it’s a pandemic, but Cupid will be sending his little fleet of cherubs out and about, flying above you, armed with tiny red bows and arrows, and that fleet of angels will work hard for you.

Eclipses in Gemini will help you too—the next one is June 10, a new moon solar eclipse, and it will be friendly. I describe it in my Annual Astrological Calendar, so you may want to have a look. The sign of Gemini is very supportive of your Libra Sun.

If you are dating but not yet committed, your love will likely grow stronger, and you will have more time for one another. Married couples can now rediscover why they fell in love in the first place. If you feel your spouse is never romantic anymore, try to make the setting special, and you may be surprised. These planets are big.

If you hope for a baby, the conglomeration of planets in your fifth house suggests it’s a good time to try. These planets could help you, making this the best month to consult a fertility expert (or to get a second opinion) if you have had difficulties with conception. If you are about to start IVF, you may want to try next month, only because this month Mercury will be retrograde. I say this because IVF treatments are expensive and not covered by insurance.

If your doctor says your IVF has to be this month, go ahead and do it. Mercury retrograde messes up contracts and purchases of electronic items like computers but would not stop you from becoming pregnant. I am so happy that Venus and Jupiter will be very close to the new moon on February 11, sprinkling the entire midnight velvet sky with glittering diamonds.

If you have children, one might make you happy and proud. You may discover that your young child has a special talent and decide to get lessons for him, or if you have grown children, your daughter may have news—she may announce a major promotion or the impending arrival of a new baby who will bring the family together (carefully and slowly).

If you are pregnant and you have your baby while Mercury is retrograde, it’s fine! It’s always a blessing when a baby is born! A baby with Mercury retrograde will become more reflective and philosophical, so it’s all good.

As an aside, this gorgeous new moon that, as you see, seems to be tailor-made for you will also give you another bonus. It will stimulate your imagination and ideas. If you work in a creative field or have a creative project you work on whenever you have free time, this new moon will shower you with brilliant ideas, and you will feel in peak form.

By all means, devote time to artistic expressions, no matter what area you love—writing a book or screenplay, music, photography or film, fashion design, home décor, make-up artistry, costume design, or cooking—there are many outlets for your creativity. Enjoy this new trend.

All Libras will have plenty to cheer about. If your birthday falls on October 15, plus or minus five days, this new moon will give you a double-dip of pleasure. The same is true if you have Libra rising or your natal moon in Libra at 23 degrees (plus or minus five degrees). Either way, you will notice special benefits. If you have a natal planet in Libra, Gemini, Aquarius, Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius at 23 degrees, plus or minus five degrees, that planet will be very helpful to you.

By the time you get to Sunday, February 14, the moon will be in Aries, the sign of your significant other, and Venus and Jupiter, which moved into perfect conjunction right on the new moon, will lend a loving air to Valentine’s Day. Wow! Also, Mars and Neptune will be in sexy sync too, and I am so excited to report this. You must decide to do something to make this day memorable, even if you stay home and cook up a great dinner together. This has all the potential of a Valentine’s Day for the record books.

By the end of the month, the full moon, February 27 at 9 degrees in Virgo, will have you craving rest and privacy. Treat yourself to extra sleep and order takeout so you don’t have to cook. If you have young children, have the babysitter over while you are there. You do need rest. This full moon will fall in your twelfth house at a time when your resistance will be low.

You must not get bored with the pandemic, because the pandemic is certainly not bored with you. The full moon of February 27 in the twelfth house could put you in touch with medical personnel or people in the hospital, but I am not sure if you are having your annual physical (a good time) or feeling sick. Take extra precautions.

This coronavirus is staying one step ahead of us at every turn, and the mutations are worrying experts. Even if you have been vaccinated, you could be infected again by the new mutations, according to experts. Be careful, dear Libra.

The one lovely part of this full moon is that you might get a windfall of money. That sure would put a smile on your face. I say that this is possible because Uranus in your house of other people’s money will reach out to the full moon and Sun. It could be money you earned but didn’t expect this soon, or it could be money someone owed you a long time ago but didn’t pay you—until now. It could be you are due a tax refund or money from a government program. You may win a contest, or your family may give you cash simply because they love you.


You have gone through a very rough set of years without much excitement, but this month will break that difficult spell as the universe is about to shower you with reasons to be joyful. Lucky you, you will have six heavenly bodies in your fifth house of true love. That is the highest number of planets that can gather in one sign, and as these planets and the Sun move, many may send kisses to your natal planets.

All the transiting planets will be in Aquarius, the house devoted to love, romance, children, leisure activities, and fun. Jupiter, the good fortune planet is among them, and this is the first time in over a decade you’ve had Jupiter’s help here. Saturn is there too, showing me that you are serious and ready for a commitment, or if you are attached, to make more of your relationship.

If you are single, you’ll have an outstanding chance to meet someone new. If friends are willing to make an introduction, gently urge them to do so soon! The new moon of February 11 will be strong for six months, although this month seems particularly outstanding. It’s possible someone you loved and lost could come back to see if you would like to try again—and the timing would be right.

It’s also possible you will find out you are pregnant or that a member of your immediate family is expecting or will soon give birth. It is amazing how a tiny baby can bring such happiness and how everyone in the family will be drawn in tightly to celebrate the new life.

This is such a happy month that your creativity will benefit, too. Ideas will fall into your hands, like sweet candy from heaven. The new moon on February 11 might bring an intriguing project for you, and you could contribute forward-thinking solutions and put your stamp of identity on this assignment. This project will allow you to show the full range of your talents and put you in line for critical acclaim, an award, or a promotion. If you are self-employed, the industry will buzz about you.

Despite this impending happy news, last month and in early February, you seem concerned about money, perhaps because you have lingering holiday bills to pay and are trying to temporarily stretch your budget further than it can go. Alternatively, you may still be cleaning up fraud on your bank or credit card account or doing your taxes—get them done and over. I see more money coming to you, so don’t worry so much.

Admittedly, you have had high expenses since January 6, the date when Mars first entered your eighth house of money that comes in through means other than salary, but also rules money owed on credit, loans, taxes, mortgages, or that you share with your spouse or business partner. You’ve seen money flow in, but much of it will have been spoken for, so you may feel frustrated that you have little left over to keep. You may be overemphasizing your financial outlook because Mars and Uranus were tough in January but now are separating. Best of all, Mars will leave your financial house on March 3, and instead of taunting you, Mars will begin to support you. That’s a big difference. Calmer financial days are due.

The full moon of February 27 will find you more low-key than usual and in need of rest. We are in the throes of a vicious pandemic, so even though the vaccines are available, we will not be safe until 70 percent of the globe is immune. Do not let down your guard. On and in the days that surround this full moon, treat yourself to rest.

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