Libra Horoscope for February 2021

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Despite this impending happy news, last month and in early February, you seem concerned about money, perhaps because you have lingering holiday bills to pay and are trying to temporarily stretch your budget further than it can go. Alternatively, you may still be cleaning up fraud on your bank or credit card account or doing your taxes—get them done and over. I see more money coming to you, so don’t worry so much.

Admittedly, you have had high expenses since January 6, the date when Mars first entered your eighth house of money that comes in through means other than salary, but also rules money owed on credit, loans, taxes, mortgages, or that you share with your spouse or business partner. You’ve seen money flow in, but much of it will have been spoken for, so you may feel frustrated that you have little left over to keep. You may be overemphasizing your financial outlook because Mars and Uranus were tough in January but now are separating. Best of all, Mars will leave your financial house on March 3, and instead of taunting you, Mars will begin to support you. That’s a big difference. Calmer financial days are due.

The full moon of February 27 will find you more low-key than usual and in need of rest. We are in the throes of a vicious pandemic, so even though the vaccines are available, we will not be safe until 70 percent of the globe is immune. Do not let down your guard. On and in the days that surround this full moon, treat yourself to rest.

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