Libra Horoscope for February 2021

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

By the end of the month, the full moon, February 27 at 9 degrees in Virgo, will have you craving rest and privacy. Treat yourself to extra sleep and order takeout so you don’t have to cook. If you have young children, have the babysitter over while you are there. You do need rest. This full moon will fall in your twelfth house at a time when your resistance will be low.

You must not get bored with the pandemic, because the pandemic is certainly not bored with you. The full moon of February 27 in the twelfth house could put you in touch with medical personnel or people in the hospital, but I am not sure if you are having your annual physical (a good time) or feeling sick. Take extra precautions.

This coronavirus is staying one step ahead of us at every turn, and the mutations are worrying experts. Even if you have been vaccinated, you could be infected again by the new mutations, according to experts. Be careful, dear Libra.

The one lovely part of this full moon is that you might get a windfall of money. That sure would put a smile on your face. I say that this is possible because Uranus in your house of other people’s money will reach out to the full moon and Sun. It could be money you earned but didn’t expect this soon, or it could be money someone owed you a long time ago but didn’t pay you—until now. It could be you are due a tax refund or money from a government program. You may win a contest, or your family may give you cash simply because they love you.


You have gone through a very rough set of years without much excitement, but this month will break that difficult spell as the universe is about to shower you with reasons to be joyful. Lucky you, you will have six heavenly bodies in your fifth house of true love. That is the highest number of planets that can gather in one sign, and as these planets and the Sun move, many may send kisses to your natal planets.

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