Libra Horoscope for February 2021

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Eclipses in Gemini will help you too—the next one is June 10, a new moon solar eclipse, and it will be friendly. I describe it in my Annual Astrological Calendar, so you may want to have a look. The sign of Gemini is very supportive of your Libra Sun.

If you are dating but not yet committed, your love will likely grow stronger, and you will have more time for one another. Married couples can now rediscover why they fell in love in the first place. If you feel your spouse is never romantic anymore, try to make the setting special, and you may be surprised. These planets are big.

If you hope for a baby, the conglomeration of planets in your fifth house suggests it’s a good time to try. These planets could help you, making this the best month to consult a fertility expert (or to get a second opinion) if you have had difficulties with conception. If you are about to start IVF, you may want to try next month, only because this month Mercury will be retrograde. I say this because IVF treatments are expensive and not covered by insurance.

If your doctor says your IVF has to be this month, go ahead and do it. Mercury retrograde messes up contracts and purchases of electronic items like computers but would not stop you from becoming pregnant. I am so happy that Venus and Jupiter will be very close to the new moon on February 11, sprinkling the entire midnight velvet sky with glittering diamonds.

If you have children, one might make you happy and proud. You may discover that your young child has a special talent and decide to get lessons for him, or if you have grown children, your daughter may have news—she may announce a major promotion or the impending arrival of a new baby who will bring the family together (carefully and slowly).

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