Libra Horoscope for February 2021

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

First, I should let you know that Mercury will be retrograde this month, a trend that started on January 30 and will continue until February 20. Keep in mind that Mercury is always a wild child at the start and end dates of his retrograde, so instead of rushing to resume your normal activities right on February 20, you might want to head for the hills.

In other words, Mercury is more like a naughty little Dennis the Menace during the start and end dates, not that he is an angel in the middle of his retrograde, but he is not quite as wild as in the middle of his retrograde. This is one aspect that affects every sign relatively evenly.

You should not sign a contract with Mercury retrograde, nor should you buy an electronic appliance for your kitchen, a new car, computer, smartphone, or any high-tech product. Also, avoid downloading new software. For all these activities, wait until March. As you see, Mercury pertains mainly to facts, figures, and objective discussions.

Mercury does, admittedly, make us rush. We do too many things at once, and then we tend to lose things. If your steady date breaks up with you during Mercury retrograde, your partner may not have been thinking straight, and later, he or she could regret being hasty. Give it time. I don’t see a breakup, so don’t give that point another thought. My goodness, this month, the loving universe has prepared a fragrant bouquet of the most beautiful flowers for you.

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