Libra Horoscope for February 2021

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Occasionally, the universe sends a near-perfect month, and if I were to predict the one sign that will likely enjoy February the most, it would be Libra. There is so much to say—it’s hard to know where to start! I can tell you this: Your happiness will not stem from your public life this month (your career or community service), but rather, it will come from your emotional life—love, romance, the warmth of friendship, fun with children and family, and your creative expressions.

Let’s start with the beautiful full moon in Leo that you just came through, January 28 in Leo, 9 degrees. It occurred days before the start of February, so if you did not notice anything happening near January 28, you still might in the first days of February. That full moon filled your eleventh house of groups and friends, making it likely you were surrounded by several friendly people—say 15, which is huge in a pandemic world. Perhaps you came together for a production or other group work, and you stayed socially distanced. If you did work on a creative project, it likely made you very happy, for you were doing precisely what you love to do.

You may have attended a small baby shower or a tiny wedding—some couples have been anxious to tie the knot. It also seems you may have received a touching gesture from a friend who cares about you and would always be willing to do anything you ask. In fact, your friend may have spoken up for you to make sure you got a job.

At that full moon, Jupiter was conjunct the Sun—a rare aspect—in your artistic fifth house, which probably made you feel like a puppy in clover. It’s a joyous aspect, one that has not happened since December 27, 2019 (not in 2020 at all), indicating that this job or event must have been luxurious and heartwarming at the same time.

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