Libra Horoscope for December 2022

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Your Horoscope for Libra

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This month you will feel warmth, closeness, and joy by focusing on your personal life. Don’t worry—your career will continue to be important to you, and if you’ve been interviewing or pitching clients, you will get answers next month at the full moon January 6. I feel you will like what you hear, too. For now, however, carefully nurture your private life, for you will have rare and sparkling opportunities to do so.

First on your list might possibly be to take (or plan) a trip thanks to a full moon in Gemini at 16 degrees on Wednesday, December 7. If you do travel, it seems like you may be going a long distance (moon in Gemini, your long-distance house), and you would travel by air. Mars has been, and still is, in this same part of your chart, allowing you to travel quite a bit if you wanted to enjoy a change of scene. At a full moon, the Sun is 180 degrees from the moon, and this month the Sun is in your short-distance travel house, with Venus orbiting close to the Sun. Whether you travel near or far, you’ll love your trip.

If you opt to stay home, you may be focused on a media project, dealing with publishing or broadcasting or applying for a job at a media company. If you want publicity for newsworthy work you’ve finished recently, Mars in Gemini will help you get it. You may want to call your publicist to get the word out. If you are a lawyer, you will be very busy under this trend since the ninth house, where Mars is located in your chart, rules the courts. If you have launched a legal case, you may be getting an answer within four days of this full moon, December 7. If you are in college or applying to a university, you may have an important interview or exam at this full moon. If you are defending your thesis, I hope you can do so at the full moon—you would likely impress those in attendance with the depth of your research and your conclusions.

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