Libra Horoscope for August 2023

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Your Horoscope for Libra

This month starts off slowly. Mars is still in Virgo in a hidden, private part of your chart. When Mars moves to Libra on August 27, life will go from peaceful to full throttle, and you will have rare control over events. For now, you will have time to breathe and enjoy life throughout most of August.

Mars has not visited your sign, dear Libra, for two years, and once Mars enters your sign on August 27, to stay until October 11, you will find yourself in your most important part of 2023.

Your ruler Venus is still retrograde too, and this is another reason your progress will remain slow, but this will change once Venus goes direct on September 3.

This is excellent timing, for by early September, Venus and her cosmic lover Mars will be helpful to you. After weeks of being retrograde, Venus in Leo will go direct on September 3—a divine sign for you because Venus will still be in your friendship sector and will stir up lots of social activity next month. (Although Venus is in Leo now, she is weak in retrograde, so your friends may have been preoccupied, distracted, or generally unavailable.) Venus will be very helpful to you from September 3 to October 8.

After Venus goes direct on September 3, she will stay in Leo until October 8, and your life will grow brighter. Venus is your ruler and will be more effective in her job of protecting and helping you. Venus will reside in your friendship-oriented eleventh house of social activity, so your calendar will fill up with fun things you’ll look forward to doing.

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