Libra Horoscope for August 2022

Your August Horoscope for Libra

I feel we never have to prepare for good news, like getting an unanticipated bonus or other windfall. However, we do have to be conservative in spending for a little while to prepare for the opposite possibility—such as an unexpected bill.

As you enter August, though, you also have a lovely aspect involving the mighty Sun, working with good-fortune Jupiter, meaning your friends and your partner will mix beautifully in early August. You may want to give a small party or go to a social event that you both are invited to attend—it would be quite memorable. The glow of that aspect will be strong in the first days of August.

From the time Mars moves out of Taurus on August 20, you will see your finances improve almost instantly. Mars will move into Gemini for an unusually long period—seven months—and set up shop in your ninth house of travel until March 25, 2023. Gemini is a compatible air sign, blending beautifully with your air-sign Libra Sun.

It appears you will be spending a lot of time in airports and traveling (a wonderful prospect). If you feel that’s not likely, or not possible, alternatively, you may be going to a university campus to study or work on important publishing or broadcasting projects. You could be dealing with citizenship, immigration, visa, or residency matters, or you might be involved with a legal case. One of these areas will be a major focus, but it should work in your favor.

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