Libra Horoscope for August 2022

Your August Horoscope for Libra

Alternatively, you may feel sad over the plight of a friend and frustrated because there is no way for you to help this person. Be there and listen—sometimes that is all we need to feel comfortable.

You may be concerned about your child (who might need help in school—I am guessing here). If you are dating, it’s also possible that you’ll have a strong disagreement with your sweetheart concerning his or her child. Either way, that news would come up suddenly, and perhaps accidentally, in a weird, offhand way.

This full moon seems to make you quite emotional and upset—understandably so. Nobody will like this full moon. Full moons bring things to a culmination, and when Uranus is involved, be careful with your words. Uranus can make you want to respond impulsively, but the words you say could leave a scar that won’t go away. Before you say anything, you might want to clarify the information with a second source.

Saturn will be tightly conjunct with the full moon in Aquarius, so Saturn won’t help matters—it will make things worse. Saturn will force you to face reality, and as much as you might want to resist accepting the truth, so much will be shooting out from under the surface like a geyser. This could be a strenuous episode for you.

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