Libra Horoscope for August 2018

A Note from Susan Miller

August 2018

Dear Reader,

August will be a month in contrasts. On one hand, with two retrograde planets, Mars and Mercury, the month will proceed slowly. There is no use in trying to push your favorite projects forward, for your efforts won’t work and you will just get more frustrated.

All planets go retrograde, but the three that orbit closest to earth, namely Mercury, Venus, and Mars, are the ones we feel the most strongly when retrograde. Now that Mars and Mercury are napping, you will do best by looking back to examine how things have gone so far for you this year.

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The full moon lunar eclipse, which scientists called the Blood Moon due to its red tint, came by late last month on July 27 in Aquarius, 5 degrees. Aquarius is an air sign like yours, dear Libra, so theoretically, results should have been positive. The problem was, Uranus in Taurus was not getting along with that full moon or with the full moon’s conjunction of Mars, both in Aquarius (along with the south node, a mathematical point), and so Uranus exerted quite a bit of pressure on this conjunction – and you. That full moon was in the fifth house, which rules true love, pregnancy, and the children you have now, so that was the area you focused on.

Because eclipses bring truth to light, if you are single, you may have heard something about the person you are dating that you found troubling. Or, your dating partner (not yet married to you) may have criticized you sharply and hurt your feelings. Mars conjunct the tender moon could hurt you deeply, and you may have said enough! – and leave. Sometimes if the criticism was frequent, one more comment could turn out to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Or, if you have children (perhaps grown ones), you may have had to come up with a large sum of money on behalf of that child, and if so, the news was completely unexpected. Of course, you will do whatever you can to help your child, but it won’t necessarily be easy to do financially. With Uranus newly minted in your eighth house of other people’s money, it seems likely that some sort of financial topic was on your mind regarding one of your children. Or, an unexpected pregnancy may have thrown your emotions into a spanner, and as you enter August, you may still be thinking about how to handle the news.

There is one other way the eclipse could have exerted its appearance, but this one is likely only if you are currently working on a creative project. It may be that you discovered that your creative project you are involved with now would require more money to complete, a discovery that does not please you. You might have to put your own money in to maintain the integrity of the project.

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