Libra Horoscope For April 2023

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Your Horoscope for Libra

Your chart is very lit up, so prepare yourself for a busy month. Your partner in marriage, love, or business will be a major focus and will most likely bring you news and opportunity. In any of the many ways the aspects could play out this month, one thing is clear: This person is the best, most beneficial person in your life and certainly cares about you and your future.

As a Libra, you are drawn to coupling up or forming partnerships and collaborations. Libra is an analytical sign, always seeking to reach the truth at the core of a situation. To get to that truth, you like to have a partner you can trust who can be your sounding board and off of whom you can bounce your ideas, facts, and perspectives. You look to create close alliances not only in marriage but also for other purposes, such as in business. Libra rules the law and the court system, and you are always on a quest to achieve fairness and justice in your life. The courts appeal to you, for your analytical side appreciates lively debate. You enjoy presenting your client’s case and then hearing the other side’s arguments—in the process, the truth emerges.

As the month opens, you have the only full moon of the year in your sign, Libra, 16 degrees, to appear on April 5. This full moon will bring closure to a matter that’s dearly important and personal to you. If you can’t put a finger on what that might be, simply sit back and observe what happens in the days surrounding April 5—the universe will show you who and what ranks highly in importance to you now. This full moon might have something to do with your partner, especially if you’re married or dating someone exclusively and seriously. With the Sun so close to Jupiter and because the Sun rules your friends, a pal may play a part during this full moon.

Alternatively, or additionally, if you have a business partner or collaborator, this person might figure prominently in your thoughts at this full moon as well. Full moons bring a conclusion or crystalize events. You may be about to make a momentous decision. No matter what occurs, I feel you will like the outcome.

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